To the Death

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To the Death

To the Death is a must read for political thriller fans.  This book is very quick and you have to pay attention as, if you don't, you'll miss a lot.  This is the author's final book in the Admiral Morgan series and is sure to satisfy his readers.

In the first chapter, a bomb explodes at Logan Airport in Boston.  Thanks to the efforts and bravery of two Boston policemen, the bomb plot is foiled and 12 people were injured but not fatally.  The only fatality was one of the bombers.  Due to some very diligent air traffic controllers, another terrorist plot was stopped on the same day.  A plane went off course and would not follow orders.  It was found that the plane was owned by a Middle Eastern Company and was on it's way to Washington, DC and would fly directly over the Capitol and White House.  The search for the terrorist cell starts with the President and his closest friend and adviser, Admiral Arnold Morgan.  Two members of the cell are found and Admiral Morgan sees that they are transported immediately to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation.  It is found that the cell is run by Hamas and the Commander in Chief, General Ravi Rashood (who is a former member of the British SAS) is running the show.  A team of Israeli commandos have the job of killing Rashood but, the plan doesn't work out and he survives to swear that he will assassinate Admiral Morgan.

And so, off everyone goes from the shores of Cheasapeake Bay, to Ireland, England and under the sea in a submarine, until everything comes together in Scotland.  This is a great tale of violence, intrigue and sometimes malicious murder.

I believe that To the Death is the authors best yet.  There is so much tension in each chapter (and, by the way, the chapters are short) which, to me, is a good thing.  The climax is filled with mystery and, of course, someone has to die, but the plot is very interesting right up to the end.  Many books written after 9/11 were entirely about the terrorists but this one contains much about the U.S. and how it's people are protected.  A very interesting book with a lot of action.

Book Blurb for To the Death

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Patrick Robinson comes To The Death, his most provocative international thriller and the much anticipated conclusion of his bestselling series starring Admiral Arnold Morgan and his terrorist nemesis, General Ravi Rashood.

The hunt begins when a bomb explodes in Boston’s Logan Airport, and Admiral Arnold Morgan, the most trusted advisor to President Bedford, must move quickly to break the terrorist cell responsible for the bloodshed. As Morgan ships the Islamic fanatics to Guantánamo Bay for containment, the Hamas high command hatches a vicious plan to assassinate him once he exits the United States. Leading this attack is chief Hamas assassin General Ravi Rashood. Meanwhile, President Bedford, in a desperate attempt to protect the Admiral at all costs, summons the most advanced and dangerous Navy Seal team the United States has to offer.

And so begins an exhilarating chase that goes beyond the borders of the United States, taking the reader on a terrifying journey through southern Ireland, London, and Scotland. This near-future masterwork is a story of mayhem, intrigue, and wanton murder.

To the Death is Robinson at his best, always tightening the tension and writing with supreme realism as he works up to a gripping climax to his series—an ending in which someone, ultimately, must die.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00