The Stolen Chalice

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The Stolen Chalice

This book is a good read and is full of suspense and action. For readers who enjoy a little intrigue and who also like to travel the city of New York and see MOMA for themselves, it is a prize. There are some truly fine art works included in the story with some terrorist plots that seem to be turning up in a lot of books lately, kidnappings and good and bad guys galore who trip around the world to find valuable Egyptian Artifacts that were stolen from the museum and also private collections. The romantic angle with the main characters, John Sinclair and Cordelia Stapleton can get a bit soupy at times but, the action is fast-paced and before you get a chance to give up on the happy couple, something else will come up that takes your attention away from them. However, this book is very well written as the author knows her subject well.

There is to be a black-tie fete at the Metropolital Museum of Art in New York City, to celebrate the fantastic art of Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. It is being held at the museum’s “Temple of Dendur” and all of the elite have been invited. There are a host of people along with all the photographers in New York lying in wait for them, to get photos of the socialites before they go in to dine and dance. Sadly, there are a group of terrorists who plan to attack at the gala but, fortunately for the museum, there are a group of security and police that foil the attack, spoiling the party but saving many lives. However, it seems that during the debacle at the museum there were many robberies in New York and pieces of Egyptian Art were stolen in private homes and other museums around the city. One item was a mummy that was being studied at the Brooklyn Museum and another an ancient Egyptian chalice called the Sardonyx Cup. It is found that the stolen artworks are being offered on the black market and another terrorist attack is being planned that is much worse than the one at the museum. The story moves from New York, to a ranch in Wyoming, to a Scottish castle, London, England and a beautiful yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. A fascinating read that will give the reader some insight into the Art World.

Book Blurb for The Stolen Chalice

CNN veteran Kitty Pilgrim returns with her second novel featuring the beautiful young oceanographer Cordelia Stapleton and the dashing, urbane archaeologist John Sinclair. Set in the international art world, The Stolen Chalice takes readers across the globe. Bombings, kidnappings, and Sinclair’s old love conspire against the couple as they search for valuable Egyptian art.

The black-tie gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art promises to be a star-studded evening. Cordelia Stapleton and John Sinclair have flown in from Alexandria, Egypt, to help celebrate ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian culture with New York’s elite. The influential crowd of artists, collectors, scientists, and New York society dine and dance at the museum’s historic Temple of Dendur, unaware that terrorists are planning to attack. Fortunately, museum security and police stop the terrorists, but the evening is a disaster.

The next morning, Cordelia and Sinclair learn that an art theft ring struck New York while they were at the museum. All over the city, pieces of Egyptian art have been stolen. Ted VerPlanck—a pillar of New York society whom Cordelia met the night before—discovers that his penthouse apartment was robbed and the legendary Sardonyx Cup, an ancient Egyptian chalice, is missing. Ted asks John Sinclair to help him recover his precious artifact.

Despite Cordelia’s objections, Sinclair calls on his old flame the Egyptologist Dr. Holly Graham to help find the chalice. They discover the stolen art is being sold on the black market to fund an international terrorist group. The group’s leader, a sinister Egyptian anarchist, and his aristocratic British partner, Lady Xandra Sommerset, are planning a biological-weapon attack to topple the major governments of the world.

Aided by British and American security forces, Sinclair sets out to find the missing art, which holds clues to where and when the attack will take place. Pieces of stolen art are scattered around the world. The action moves from a sprawling ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to a castle on Scotland’s rugged coastline, a beautiful two-hundred-foot yacht in the Mediterranean, the mysterious canals of Venice, the premier beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, and ultimately Cairo. Romance sizzles as Sinclair, Cordelia, and Holly Graham are caught in a love triangle, distracted by their emotions, and unknowingly moving closer to mortal danger.

Superstition and science meet head-on. And one question remains unanswered—does the Sardonyx Cup have special powers?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00