The Sacrifice Game

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The Sacrifice Game

Sacrifice Game Trilogy

The extremely intricate story that was woven in this author’s first book, In the Courts of the Sun, moves forward ten-fold with this new title.

Jed DeLanda, the character that reader’s met the first time around, is a descendant of the Mayans. With an unmatched brain that allows him to do everything from highly confusing mathematics, to his odd ability to play the ‘Sacrifice Game,’ which is a slightly confusing ritual that the Mayans put in place in order to protect the actual demise of civilizations - Jed has the intellect that others would kill for…or, in this case, copy.

The Mayan prophecy of the world’s ‘doom’ is now on the immediate horizon, and out of nowhere something extremely odd happens to Jed. A mysterious group makes a ‘copy’ of Jed’s own conscious and his abilities, and downloads those abilities into the mind of an actual Mayan King who exists in AD 664.

Here, the reader embarks into another world and another time as Jed must now find a way to uncover and understand the ‘old’ knowledge of the original ‘Sacrifice Game’ in order to stop the world from coming to an end on the last day of the Mayan calendar as predicted. However, Jed is going up against a very powerful enemy while he races around AD 664 trying to find a way to save his own world. And that enemy is…himself.

While the heroic Jed is doing his job, the evil Jed in present day is doing his absolute best to end humanity for good. Who will win? Will the mysterious group of people who began this be able to stop the ‘good’ Jed from screwing up their plans?

This, readers, is what you would all a true Odyssey. The action and adventure is nonstop, and the inventive and intricate worlds of past Jed and present Jed are so fast-paced that the story literally draws you in at the very beginning and keeps you there. This is most assuredly one of those books that you will have to set aside time for, so that no one and nothing interrupts you and Jed on the journey of a lifetime. (And now that we are well past that so-called ‘Apocalyptic Day,’ you can have a whole lot of fun!)

Book Blurb for The Sacrifice Game

In this mind-bending, stunningly inventive, and brilliantly researched sequel to In Courts of the Sun, one man holds the key to saving the world from the coming apocalypse . . . or ensuring its complete destruction.

In Brian D’Amato’s first novel, In the Courts of the Sun, a team of scientists sent math prodigy and Mayan descendant Jed DeLanda back in time to the year AD 664 to learn how the ancient Maya played a powerful divination game to predict the apocalypse in 2012. But after arriving in the body of a willing human sacrifice instead of a Mayan king, Jed’s experiences led him to the fateful decision that rather than avert the apocalypse, he must ensure instead that the world ends.Using his knowledge of the divination game, Jed sets in motion a series of events that will bring about the destruction of humanity, ending the world’s pain and suffering once and for all. But before the plan can be completed, the organization that sent him into the past discovers his intention and devotes every resource to stop him.Taking readers back to the dizzying action of ancient times,The Sacrifice Game is a breathtaking odyssey in which Jed must survive bloody wars, ruthless leaders, shifting alliances, and unspeakable betrayal to learn about the Game, before his time in both the ancient Mayan empire and the present day runs out.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00