The Kairos

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The Kairos

This book really begins in the 50’s when Archaelogists Dr. Luther Jonson and partner Father Sean O’Derry find seven extra fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls that had never been seen before. They keep them secret as there is much in them that would shock biblical scholars and others concerning their faith in God and Jesus. They tell about Jesus’ life before his ministry began. This is a book of fiction but makes the reader really stop and think about this time in Jesus’ life that is not talked about at all because no one seems to know what he did before starting his ministry. It will remind readers of The DiVinci Code but much shorter. The message really gets across and readers are in for a very different revelation.

After many years have gone by, Dr. Jonson has come to his partner and said that these scroll fragments should be revealed to the public and it’s time to tell the truth to the masses and he intends to do just that as soon as he gets the opportunity. Father O’Derry disagrees and wants to keep the fragments a secret. The scrolls are kept in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem where Dr. Jonson gets them and leaves for America with them as the Church and many others (including the CIA) go after him to get the fragments back. Dr. Jonson flees to the west coast of the United States and then into the frozen wilderness of Alaska, holding on to the fragments and looking for someone to tell about them. There are many twists and turns in the plot line that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and will bring readers to a climax that is unexpected and swift. This book is fascinating and full of action. I would highly recommend it to mystery/suspense/action readers.

Book Blurb for The Kairos

After 40 years' extreme secrecy, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Dr. Lute Jonson commits to unveiling seven fragments that tell where the teenage Jesus lived, and who His life partner was. "The world deserves to know this kairos event," he argues. "These writings are the newest of God's breakthroughs into human history." Fr. Sean O'Derry, the only other secret-sharer, vehemently disagrees, warning Lute that the second revelation will explode the faith of a billion Christians worldwide. Lute steals the 2000-year-old parchments and flees Jerusalem for America, determined to find a global media outlet. Sean's security agents, close behind, are soon replaced by Vatican officials and finally CIA agents. As Lute barely escapes his hunters and reveals the ancient truth to one confidante after another, the trail of casualties mounts. His quest is completed under the blended blaze of a Midnight Sun on Alaska's Yukon River. 324 pages

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50