The Hidden

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The Hidden

This novel is an excellent thriller for the reader that will keep you guessing until the last word. It is extremely well written and a fascinating one-day read.

The action begins in Cairo, Egypt and is much more than your usual mystery/thriller. Egyptian culture comes forward to delve into the women’s role in the society of the country. To begin with, the chief advisor to the King, King Faruk is talking with his security men as they have come upon a plot to assassinate the Egyptian King. It is to be done by an organization called the Group of the X who want to over throw the present government.

A bit before this, a professor at the University is murdered in the Sinai desert. This professor, Azi Ibrahim, has left behind his young widow, Aimee, who is asked to come to the university and pick up Azi’s possessions. Within these possessions Aimee finds an old diary written 20 years ago. It turns out to be the diary of the daughter of Ali Sultan Pasha, a royal family, and also the author of the diary is Aimee’s mother whom she never knew. Aimee wonders what her husband was doing with said diary. She is subsequently invited to a party for the university’s literary folks where she meets the editor of the Cairo newspaper, the Liberation, and who is also one of the leaders in the Group of X. The editor takes a shine to Aimee and it is reciprocated although neither one really trusts the other.

The book takes readers into the world of the harem in the early 20th century and a woman who is not happy with her lot in life and seeks freedom from the palace. Sometimes the narrative can drag a little but, readers will see how the diary will help solve the murder of Azi in the 1940’s. As bombs explode and allies are not always going to be allies and the time switches back and forth from the diary to the 40’s the truth will be told. Pay close attention as the story can get difficult but, don’t give up as this is a very well written story.

Book Blurb for The Hidden

2013 Winner — Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award — Mystery & Thriller

A university professor is brutally murdered in Egypt’s Sinai desert in 1940, leaving behind his new bride, the beautiful young Aimee Ibrahim. As Aimee tries to unravel the web of lies and secrets surrounding her husband’s death, she unwittingly becomes a pawn in a revolutionary plot against Egypt’s king. With the discovery of a twenty-year-old diary, the mystery only deepens. As Aimee gets ever closer to the truth, she discovers startling parallels between her own life and that of the mother she never knew.

Unfolding in the city’s brothels, hashish cafes, and jasmine-scented colonial mansions, The Hidden is a gritty, sensual tale of revolution, betrayal, and the lengths we will go to for love—and truth.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00