The Boxed Angel

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The Boxed Angel

This book is the perfect combination for the suspense lover and the historical mystery fan.

The adventure begins on a tragic evening in 1776. Three young men are out late in a Philadelphia neighborhood with stealing on their minds. One of the pilferers just happens to be the adopted son of John Hancock; and although he does not want to take part, the bully of the pack wins out. Smashing the window and heading into none other than Ben Franklin’s home, two of the boys end up facing their own deaths from the theft, while young Mr. Hancock faces an even more terrifying discovery: a hidden treasure box that, when opened, holds something far more scary than a golden trinket.

Fast forwarding to only six weeks ago, readers meet up with a Doctor on a mission for Baroque Pharmaceutical. Sitting by the railroad tracks in the horrific heat of mid-July, this Dr. is waiting on a delivery. But when the train comes in, the package he’s sent to pick up brings him face-to-face with the law, as containers of a very real killing substance are found.

In present-day Philadelphia, Al Campo is heading to work. Al is one of those who love to find old objects and make them new again. This one day he happens to stumble over a tattered piece of furniture. Unfortunately, he also stumbles over another person who carries a gun. Al wins the small confrontation, pretty much erasing the incident from his mind.

What Al doesn’t understand is that he has just set himself up for a future filled with a woman who he’s attracted to right off the bat, a company overlord trying his best to rule the world, and a supernatural side of life he was never expecting.

This is definitely one that can’t be missed. From the paranormal undertones to the invigorating overtones of suspense and terrorism, this tale has it all.

Book Blurb for The Boxed Angel

On July 3, 1776, in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin’s home is ransacked. A secret, ancient relic is stolen. One that Franklin does not admit to owning. Flash forward to modern times. Al Campo, a union worker by day, goes dumpster diving for old, discarded furniture at night. His aim is to refinish the pieces and make and display them in his home. One day he comes across an old couch and inside he finds the stolen artifact. As the story unfolds, sinister Jason Gull is developing a dangerous weapon that can kill its victims without any detection or apparent cause of death. He plans to auction it off to the highest bidder—and there are many foreigners willing to pay, including a religious zealot. Will Campo and the ancient artifact be able to save the world in time? The Boxed Angel is a suspenseful thriller in which an unsuspecting, seemingly unremarkable individual becomes involved in a life and death struggle, first by fate, then by choice. It’s packed with humor, religion, intrigue, history, a love triangle, and faith in one cleverly crafted story. Readers who loved National Treasure and other stories that weave history into modern day life will delight in all the plot twists in The Boxed Angel. Clues are cleverly interwoven into a storyline that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50