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This novel is a fascinating look into the fashion industry and also, the divorce courts in England, especially the idle rich and the money that changes hands in both. There are three strong women that take center stage.

The first powerful lady is Christine Fairbrother, a divorce lawyer who is also divorced, with a strong desire for money and prestige in her field. She is on the lookout for her next big case that will propel her into the position of QC (Queen’s Counsel) which is the top of the heap in the Law in the UK. The second powerful lady is Isabelle Cisse, who is Christine’s daughter and the latest young dress designer to take over the runways of Europe and America. She is estranged from her mother and is going through a bad time at the moment but, has the wherewithal to pick herself up and start over. And, last but, certainly not least is Victoria Crabtree, who is the mistress of multi-millionaire, Massimo Rivelli, a big gun in the world of couture fashion. Victoria’s problem being that Massimo is not about to leave his wife for her.

The lives and loves of these three women will come apart and also, with one of the best storylines I’ve seen since Sidney Sheldon, come together. The writing is very intriguing and takes the reader into the heart of the story and the lives of the characters. Also, a look at the big Fashion Week’s in Europe and America and the divorce courts in the UK. The readers will think that they are right in the middle of all the action.

Book Blurb for Silk

Money. Sex. Power. Some things are always in fashion.

Christine Fairbrother is a high-powered barrister, the scourge of the divorce courts. Christine has ambitions to become a QC—to "take silk"—after her next big case.

Her talented daughter, Isabelle Cisse, is a design graduate launching herself on the London fashion scene, full of dreams and ambitions—and with a fatal weakness for unsuitable men...

Victoria Crabtree's position as Massimo Rivelli's mistress is precarious. Massimo is the multi-millionaire owner of the House of Rivelli, one of the world's leading manufacturers of couture fashion. However, he shows no sign of wanting to divorce his wife and Victoria's always in danger of being replaced with a younger model. But he's about to discover just what lengths Victoria will go to in order to survive...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50