Pray for a Brave Heart

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Pray for a Brave Heart

Helen MacInnes passed away in the mid-80’s and is still lauded as one of the greatest espionage authors ever. Some of her books are being re-released and this is one of them. "Pray for a Brave Heart" was written in the 50’s and is a great story with excellent research about the characters and locations in which the story takes place.

William Denning is leaving the Army at long last and his work with the Restitution of Property division in Berlin is drawing to a close. He plans to leave Berlin and head off to the United States but, is asked by a colleague to stop off in Switzerland to help close one last file. American Intelligence has come upon a story that a cache of diamonds, taken by the Nazis during the war is about to be smuggled out of Europe and they want William to find and stop the stones from getting out of the country. This is a familiar story regarding Nazi looting during the war and trying to keep their ill-gotten gains in order to start a fourth Reich. It’s a wonderful, well-written book by a great writer. She was so good at her craft of thriller writing with a lot of class.

Book Blurb for Pray for a Brave Heart

It was 1953, and nothing could shake William Denning's resolve to leave the army and return to the States. Nothing, except one of the largest diamond hauls ever - which, in the wrong hands, on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain, was a potentially lethal force.

In a small village in the Swiss mountains, Denning discovered that there was not only a jewellery robbery at stake. In the ruthless world of espionage and international conspiracy his adversaries were the most unlikely people - and the most dangerous.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50