Line of Fire

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Line of Fire

At the beginning of the new Stephen White book, the author gives us a real twist as this will be the next to last book about his character of Clinical Psycologist, Alan Gregory. These books have been giving pleasure to many mystery fans for ages and I surely will hate to see the end of this series. But, I can understand why the author is doing this. So, on with the book.

There are many wildfires in the hills of Boulder, CO where the Gregory’s have their home when this story starts and all citizens are watching the reports minute by minute to see if they'll have to evacuate. Among these are Alan Gregory and his family, his wife Lauren and their two children, Jonas and Grace. These are some of the main characters just in case you’ve never read a Stephen White book. I know that’s hardly likely but, you never know. This book begins with a horrible secret shared by Alan and his friend Police Detective Sam Purdy. This secret could end Sam’s police career and would certainly cost Alan his reputation. In previous years Alan’s private life has been changing rapidly with the death of his neighbor, his wife’s illness and other such problems and things have begun to settle down lately but, now the forest fires are moving in on Boulder and the families are watching the skies and the TV’s to see if they have to run for their lives.

One morning while seeing a patient the patient has an attack and dies after she gets to the hospital. On top of that Sam is at the hospital and want’s Alan to make an identification of someone who was in the fire and is recovering. Alan’s good friend Diane has come to a point in her life that she is about to have a nervous breakdown and is very emotional and Alan is trying to help her. He is also trying to focus on his practice and has taken on a new patient who is very odd to say the least and he is about to find out just how vulnerable he is to this new patient and what is about to happen in his private life again. Then, out of the blue, a witness has come forward to force police to reopen an investigation into the probable suicide of a woman, J. Winter Brown, a friend of Sam’s, and the trail of evidence may come back to bite Sam and Alan. Alan is scared that this old case will make all of the things that he loves, his family, friends and future to explode into a million pieces and he will be left with nothing. As the cops close in, the reader will be into a story that will blow up and maybe end the careers of Alan and Sam. As the book comes to a close, readers will be hoping for the author to get the final chapter out soon for the final act in the epic of Alan Gregory.

Book Blurb for Line of Fire

New York Times bestselling author Stephen White returns with a gripping thriller about the one devastating secret that could cost Alan Gregory everything—the first of the dramatic two-part conclusion to his acclaimed bestselling series.

Clinical psychologist and Boulder resident Alan Gregory is finally beginning to feel settled, hopeful that a long period of upheaval in his private life is behind him. He refocuses his energy on his clinical psychology practice, where a beguiling new patient is challenging his values. The interlude of calm doesn’t last, of course: Alan’s dear friend Diane is showing signs of a long-simmering emotional collapse, and Alan’s greatest fear—the exposure of his most dangerous secret—has become something he can’t ignore.

A new witness has surfaced, causing authorities to reopen their investigation into the suicide death of a woman named J. Winter Brown. When Alan and his equally culpable friend Sam Purdy inadvertently disclose details of their involvement in her death to a desperate drug dealer, any confidence they felt about riding out the new investigation evaporates. The trail that leads back to Alan and Sam, once cold, has turned white-hot.

With his vulnerability mounting daily, Alan begins to fear that his mesmerizing new patient may be the catalyst that can cause everything he treasures—his marriage, family, friendship, and future—to implode. As the authorities close in, the story hurtles toward a conclusion that will set the stage for the most unexpected of outcomes: the final act of the Alan Gregory saga.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00