Lie for Me

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Lie for Me

A Novel

A very exciting story of love and romance but, always with a little hint of suspense thrown in.

Tucker Kane, a construction company owner and Lauren Holloway, a newly installed principal of a religious oriented school are planning their wedding. Tucker visits a job site before picking up Lauren for a date and discovers his ex-wife murdered on the property. Tucker is alone so expects the authorities to arrest him for the murder and, a very serious detective wants to do just that. Seeing that he was alone on the job site, Tucker asks Lauren to lie for him and say he was with her at the time of the murder but, she refuses and Tucker disappears leaving no clues as to where he is.

Some time later, Lauren and Tucker meet again and Tucker, believing that Lauren will turn him in, he tells her that he has been trying to find evidence to clear himself of the murder of his wife. She decides to help him and discovers many secrets and lies that so-called friends of hers have been keeping to keep the police centered on Tucker as the murderer and putting her own life in danger in the process. She is facing a very tough decision and is trying to decide what to do when she becomes involved in things that can end her own life along with Tucker's.

A very inspiring novel that covers romantic suspense and a very moral decision by Lauren. If she turns her fiance in, he could go to prison for the rest of his life and if she doesn't both lives could be ruined. A book full of ups and downs and twists and turns that will keep readers up at night. Ms. Young is a very fascinating storyteller.

Book Blurb for Lie for Me

Lauren Holloway's ex-fiance, Tucker Kane, is without an alibi when his ex-wife is murdered. Tucker claims to have been alone at a job site at the time, but he needs Lauren to lie for him so that he won't become a suspect in the murder. She refuses; now as a prime suspect, Tucker disappears without a trace. Years later, she sees him at an antique fair, and worried that Lauren will reveal his carefully constructed life, he forces his into her hotel room and tells her that he's trying to find evidence to clear his name. As Lauren tries to help Tucker, she questions her ability to judge character as she uncovers a labyrinth of deceit, putting her very life in danger.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50