Hundred-Dollar Baby

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Hundred-Dollar Baby


A superbly entertaining romp by Robert B. Parker.  I love his dialogue and characters and will miss him so much.

It's been a long time since Spenser, Robert B. Parker's A-1 PI helped April Kyle, a teenage girl to get off the streets of Boston and into a line of work that is a lot safer than prostitution.  April is now back in Boston from New York and her past is still with her one hundred fold.  This time she may not get through with her life.  This is definitely one of Spenser's good deeds that has gone bad.  He saved April once when she was a runaway by putting her in the care of a high priced madam in New York and she has found her way into a mess so deep that even Spenser may not be able to help her.  She is looking for protection but finds only death, blackmail and a meeting with the New York Mob.  It's a very interesting concept whereas a high priced call girl wants to start her own business without the help of a man (which is kind of weird) and doesn't know quite how to accomplish this so turns to the only man who helped her out in the past to get rid of the men who want to take over her business in the future.

This book was published in hardcover in 2006 and this is a paper edition.  Parker, as always, has had a lot to do with changing the life of a PI into a great human being with a girlfriend, friends (including policemen), and a dog that he loves.  This is skeptical and very romantic as he has much witty sexual dialogue with his beloved Susan and much fun and games with his friend, Hawk.  Very smooth and stylish.  I loved it.

Book Blurb for Hundred-Dollar Baby

April Kyle, a prostitute from Spenser's past, comes back into his life-with deadly complications.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00