Hollow Bones

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Hollow Bones

Special Agent Caitlyn Tierney

In this series by CJ Lyons, Caitlyn Tierney, an FBI agent is sent to help various police departments to help them solve cases. She has been sent to meet a cruise ship that is headed for South America. A college student, Maria Alverado, with the help of her friends, has jumped ship and is on her way to an archaeology dig in Guatemala. She has two weeks to work with an archaeology team uncovering a Mayan temple that has been hidden in the jungle for years. Her friends from college are helping her and her parents don’t find out that she’s gone for most of the two weeks. Caitlyn is sent to talk to the people on the ship, namely her friends and in the company of her parents who have just realized that she is among the missing.

Maria is picked up in a jeep by a handsome young man who says he is the assistant to the leader of the dig. On the way through the jungle the jeep is stopped and the young man is killed. Maria runs away into the jungle and finds her way to a small hospital. As her friends have her passport and ID and have been using both on the ship, the parents and Caitlyn believe that Maria is still on the ship and hiding out. It is a very good plot as Maria was last seen on her spring break cruise, there are no witnesses to her presence there and no motive for her disappearance. When Caitlyn realizes that Maria is not on the ship she follows a hunch and goes into the jungle herself. This is when the story gets very sticky and there is much going on which doesn’t affect the natives but, does bring Maria’s father into it as he runs a laboratory called BioRegen and is making deals to sell human tissue for medical reasons. The story doesn’t really get going until everyone gets into the jungles of Guatemala.

This story is a find for anyone who is interested in medical research, maybe a Robin Cook fan. It’s extremely interesting and full of little surprises. A definite keeper!!

Book Blurb for Hollow Bones

From the ancient mysteries of a Mayan temple to the sinister secrets of modern medicine, FBI agent Caitlyn Tierney uncovers crimes that have been buried far too long and far too deep...

It’s the kind of case that chills Caitlyn to the bone. Missing person. College student. Beloved daughter of a world leader in biotechnology. She was last seen on a spring break cruise. No witnesses. No motives. Just one possible lead—reports of a stranger who may have lured the young archeology major off the ship and into the jungles of Guatemala.  When Caitlyn follows her hunch into the jungle—with the FBI’s Jake Carver by her side—the trail takes a surprising turn into the very heart of darkness.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00