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Fresh Meat


For everyone who is completely ‘locked’ on the CW’s “Supernatural” TV series (and even for those who are not), these books based on the series’ characters are absolutely impossible to put down. Not only do you receive a bit of the paranormal, but you also receive a wealth of suspense with a humorous edge from the two well-known characters - a powerful blend that will keep you reading far into the night.

Sam and Dean Winchester are the title characters and they have had a wee bit of the ‘odd’ in their lifetime. When they lost their mother in a strange supernatural accident, where a powerful force came into their lives and snatched her away, these brothers were placed on a path where they would have to stand up and fight all the evil powers that this world had to offer. Like a lot of young men, they were taught how to hunt by their father. However, in the Winchester case, they were not taught how to hunt whitetails; they were taught how to hunt demonic beings that are hidden across the United States. Not a surprise, considering the family tree of these boys consists of many paranormal hunters.

With this new adventure, they find themselves knee-deep in the Tahoe National Forest located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Here, in the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, they find themselves being hunted by a creature that seems to love dining out on humans. Oh, yes…shades of ‘The Walking Dead’ soon arise (no pun intended), as the boys find themselves facing walking corpses.

But that’s not all they have to battle… A blizzard arrives that puts them in fear of the natural elements, while the supernatural comes at them in all forms - even a form that looks like nothing more than an innocent human. This is one for the bookshelf, readers, because you will read it again and again. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Fresh Meat

A rash of strange deaths in the Tahoe National Forest bring Sam, Dean and Bobby to the Sierra Nevada mountains to hunt a monster with a taste for human flesh. Soon walking corpses, bodies with missing organs, and attacks by a mysterious flying creature lead the trio to a cunning and deadly foe which can assume a human form and will do anything to survive. When a blizzard strikes the area, and not knowing who they can trust, they must battle not only the monster, but also the elements to survive.

A Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers, from the hit TV series!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00