Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream

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Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream

Death & Taxes Series, #6

What a fun read this was! After reading one of this author’s previous books, I was anxious to start this. Our leading lady, Tara Holloway is a former IRS Criminal Investigator for this organization and has been fired from her job. It seems that Tara has fired her gun a few too many times for reasons that are known only to her and, according to Tara, she hasn’t done anything any red blooded IRS investigator wouldn't do. However, she has been replaced in her job and there is a law suit/a ten million dollar assault case pending.

In this story we find that Tara is feeling very sorry for herself as she has to stick around Texas while her boyfriend is solving cases galore because there are criminal charges pending against her. She loves green tea ice cream and is devouring as much of it as she can to make her feel better, even though she is looking at a life behind bars at the moment. She does have the respect of her family and friends along with Special Agent Nick Pratt, her significant other. While she looks for new employment, she helps Nick investigate two cases that had been assigned to her before she was let go. She is so busy keeping her eyes on Nick she forgets that she might be in trouble too.

Death, Taxes and Green Tea Ice Cream is a first rate story that will keep readers' attention until the end. The book can easily stand alone but, readers should get the others in the series just to sit back and relax with a fun read.

Book Blurb for Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream

Fired. Tara Holloway can’t believe it. After all she’s done for the IRS, a few too many shots fired from her weapon and suddenly she’s public enemy number one. To add insult to injury, another agent has replaced her, and a ten-million-dollar assault case is hanging over her head. So much for traveling to Tokyo with Special Agent Nick Pratt, former partner and current boyfriend. Tara’s stuck in Texas, and using green tea ice cream to soothe her disappointment, as well as the terrifying prospect of a life behind bars.


Tara’s former boss, Lu “the Lobo” Lobozinski, has a plan—to stick Tara in auditing, where she can’t possibly get into trouble. But between bumping into a college frenemy whose family business is under audit, Tara’s stubborn determination to keep an eye on Nick behind the scenes, and her new long-range rifle, she’s about to get a taste of just how dangerous her life can be, in Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream from Diane Kelly…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50