Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

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Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

Death & Taxes Series, #3

A really fun book that will keep readers busy for an afternoon. Tara is great for hunting down tax cheats and always gets her man/woman. A definite keeper!!!

Get ready for a great read. Tara Holloway, your favorite IRS Special Agent is out to get some non-payers. She and her cohorts work and live in the great state of Texas and the first case for her this time out is a man and wife who do not believe that they owe the US any taxes as their land is the property of the Lone Star Nation and they do not live in the United States at all. It's an interesting concept but, Texas has always been a very independant state so it's fun to see what happens.

But, wait you ain't seen nothin' yet. For her second assignment in this book Tara and her partner Nick are out to get a TV minister and his wife who use their church as a tax shelter. Despite requests from the state for the taxes due, the Reverend Fischer will not pay up. So, with all this good stuff, the minister and his flock and the militants that are trying to turn their Texas into a separate country, Tara and Nick have their work cut out for them.

To top it all off, Tara's usual partner Eddie has been promoted for a while as their boss Lu has to undergo chemotherapy and Nick takes over in Eddie's place. Also, Tara's signficant other, Brett is working out of town which makes it all the harder for Tara to stay away from Nick, who is interested in her romantically. It's all one big mess for the characters to straighten out.

Book Blurb for Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

When you’re an agent for the IRS, it’s always tax time. And this season, Tara is up to her neck in work with two very knotty cases. One involves a charismatic minister who’s using his mega-church as a tax shelter. The other is a crazy militant who’s trying to turn Texas into a separate country. With her boyfriend out of town and her partner reassigned, Tara is on her own—and things are getting hairy.

If dealing with the Lone Star State isn’t enough, Tara has other new issues to take into account: There’s a sexy new agent named Nick, who’s got her head in the clouds...and Tara’s boss, Lu, who’s having a hair problem of epic proportions: not even her Chinese contraband industrial-strength hairspray is enough to keep her signature strawberry blonde beehive from falling flat. Can Tara help Lu find a wig—and keep from wigging out over Nick? Love, updos, taxes—this time, Tara’s got a whole lot of kinks to iron out…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50