Dante's Poison

A Mark Angelotti Novel, #2

Dante’s Poison is the second book by this author that features nearly-blind psychiatrist, Mark Angelotti. My heart goes out to this character as he tries to live up to his potential and is challenged from day to day as his sight gets worse and worse. He is asked to work in courtrooms many times and it seems that he becomes a very good detective as his senses of all, except sight, gives him an awareness that he didn’t have before. There are a lot of puzzles in this book and the author does a tremendous job considering that this is a short book (less than 300 pages) that covers said puzzles and brings the characters together in a good way. Many books take a lot of time to understand, especially mysteries, but the author is able to bring the story to the forefront without a lot of description and letting the reader finish it in a short time and absorb the plot rather than read it sporadically and have to go back and look at previous pages to remember what has happened in the story.

Here is a brief synopsis: While trying to adjust to his new life, Mark Angelotti, a Chicago psychiatrist, is living a pretty good life. He has a good job but as for his failing eye-sight, which was covered in the previous book, Dante’s Wood, nothing has changed. He has been offered a place in a new medical study to improve his vision and decides to participate in it. Mark’s friend, Hallie Sanchez, who is also a lawyer, asks him to help in a murder case. Hallie’s friend Jane Barrett has been charged with killing her boyfriend, Rory Gallagher and Mark agrees to be an expert witness in the case. There almost wasn’t a case as Rory had been diagnosed with cardiac arrest and his nephew ordered an autopsy so the body was exhumed and it was found that the victim was poisoned with an anti-psychotic drug medicine from a company that Jane represents. Jane is released on bail due to Mark’s testimony and Hallie and Mark are searching for clues that Jane did not commit the crime. There are other attacks on Mark and Hallie and another attempted poisoning which will send the story into new challenges for Mark and Hallie along with perhaps a little hope that Mark’s eyesight will improve. This is a very well-written story and a perfect one day read.

Book Blurb for Dante's Poison

Blind psychiatrist Mark Angelotti has just enrolled in a drug trial that holds out hope of restoring his eyesight when he again becomes entangled in a case that is rocking the Chicago legal community.

After defending the manufacturer of the powerful antipsychotic drug Lucitrol against product-liability claims, attorney Jane Barrett has become somewhat of an expert on the controversial medication. So when her lover, investigative journalist Rory Gallagher, collapses from a fatal dose of the same drug, it falls to Hallie Sanchez, Barrett’s oldest friend, to defend her on murder charges.

Amid growing doubts about her friend’s innocence, Hallie recruits Mark Angelotti to help her discredit the testimony of a crucial eyewitness. The pair succeeds in obtaining Barrett’s release, but at a dreadful price.

Mark sets out to investigate who else may have wanted the journalist out of the way. As he gets closer to the truth, he realizes the killer is still on the loose. But two questions remain for Mark: Will the drug trial succeed in restoring his eyesight? More important, will he live long enough to see this case to its end?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00