Battered to Death

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Battered to Death

Daphne Martin Cake Mysteries

Another fun read, the third, in the Daphne Martin Cake Mystery Series by Gayle Trent. I love cozies and look forward to any that I see.

Daphne now has a steady boyfriend, a decorating (cake decorating, that is) business and is about to enter the first annual Brea Ridge Taste Bud Temptation Cake and Confectionary Arts Exhibit and Competition to be held in her hometown of Brea Ridge, VA. In order to get a leg up in the decorating department, Daphne has enrolled in a two-day workshop run by Jordan Richards, a famous cake decorator who has a TV show. Mr. Richards has a tendency to be extremely mean spirited on his show but Daphne hopes that he just keeps that attitude for TV.

Sadly, following his first lesson, the Chef is found beaten to death with a cake stand and when the murder investigation begins it is found that he has more enemies than anyone ever knew of. To top it all off, Daphne is one of the suspects. As if that wasn’t enough bad news, her boyfriend announces that he is thinking about taking a job in another state, Kentucky, working for a former flame. As she is thinking all of this new news over, she remembers she still has to get ready for the cake competition and really needs to win to bring customers to her new store. Daphne’s friend, Myra, who is a bit of a gossip is trying to help Daphne clear her name, win the cake decorating contest and keep her romance on track.

For the reader there are two recipes in the book: one for a Carrot Pumpkin Pecan Cake and one for Royal Icing. My mouth is watering as we speak.

Book Blurb for Battered to Death

The third “entertaining…and tasty read” (Entertainment Weekly) in the Daphne Martin Cake mystery series.

Daphne Martin’s life is pretty sweet right now—she has a loving boyfriend, a popular cake decorating company, and has recently entered into a cake competition in town. But when she attends a class with a famously ornery celebrity chef, all of that threatens to change. The chef is found beaten to death with a cake stand after his first lesson, and he has more enemies than anyone can count. So it’s a shock to Daphne when she immediately comes under police suspicion. And on top of that, her boyfriend tells her he’s considering a career move—to Kentucky. To a company run by an old girlfriend! And, there’s still the cake competition Daphne has to win.

Daphne will need to put her wits to the test again—with the help of her nosy friend Myra—in order to clear her name, win the competition, and salvage her romance.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50