After the Dawn

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After the Dawn

A Family Affair Novel

This novel is an extremely readable story involving a broken family that will keep readers busy for a long summer afternoon read. After the Dawn: A Family Affair Novel is a story filled with family secrets, family scandals, deceptions, and any other adjective you can think of.

Abe Collins, owner of Collins Industry is on his death bed following a heart attack and is in a quandary as to who should take over his thriving company when he passes. His favorite son, William, and William’s wife, Gayle were killed in a plane crash and their only child Samantha had gone off to college and a job while blaming her grandfather and his company for the loss of her parents. His other son, Evan, couldn’t care less about the family business except for the money it brings in for him and his selfish wife and two children. However, when Abe had his attack, Samantha came home to be with him and he realized that she would be the one to take over the business with help from Dillon Montgomery, who had been fired previously by Abe and now has his own lucrative business. Also, along for the ride is Dillon’s mother, Marlene, who was once Abe’s secretary. All of these loving people, except for Dillon, his mom and Evan’s two kids, live in the same house. Now, doesn’t this sound cozy?

When Abe dies and his will is read, all HECK breaks loose and there is a line drawn between Samantha and her Uncle Evan, who expected to take over the reins of the company. The will states that Samantha and Dillon have to run the company for five years before they can think about selling out. Samantha is being harassed by her relatives and tries to keep her grandfather’s business afloat but, there are financial problems and she also is uncomfortable being around Dillon as a dozen years earlier, she had fallen for him and he had not reciprocated. As her family’s legacy looks like it’s about to go down the tubes, there is a surprise that awaits them all and Samantha has to try and pick up the pieces of Collins Industry and start again.

The plot lines in this story are first rate as is the writing. Everything is here; the heiress that no one likes, the prodigal son's return, the nasty relations, a little embezzlement to keep everyone’s gossip going and a love story to boot. A really good read.

Book Blurb for After the Dawn

Samantha Collins is stunned when her grandfather turns Collins Industry over to her, causing more than a bit of ill will among the other family members, especially her uncle, Evan. But nothing stuns her more than when she finds out that he has asked Dillon Montgomery to help her run the company. Her grandfather had fired Dillon and ordered him off the company property years ago.

Twelve years ago Samantha made her feelings known to Dillon and the whole thing ended in disaster and they haven't spoken since. Working together now, even all these years later, is sure to be a disaster. Still, she needs his help if she is going to keep Collins Industry afloat. But will the prodigal son return to the empire - and the woman - who desperately need him? Will he be able to admit how much he desperately needs them.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00