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Warriors for the Light, #1

Love has the power to lead someone from despair to salvation, especially when one has the love of their soul mate. Eli is a member of the Grigori, brethren which consist of Nephilim and Fallen Angels. Their place in the order of things is to observe humans in their day to day lives. There are rules in place which the Grigori must follow, including that they do not interfere with human fate, they never make themselves known to humans, they never have sexual relations with humans, and they never befriend humans.

Eli is guilty of breaking all of these rules. His actions have caused the Elder council of the Grigori to summon him for punishment. In pleading his case to the Elders, he tries to make everyone at the council gathering understand how special the human object of his desire is to him. Eli explains that Ryden O'Sullivan is his true soul mate and that a relationship with her would redeem his soul not damn it. Such a compelling argument does Eli make that the Elders decide to let him prove that he has indeed found his soul mate and that their love is not some by-product of his angelic glamour. If he can do this before Halloween is over, they will consider letting him go to Ryden and make a life with her. The down side to the task he has undertaken is that the Elders have sent him back in time to Ryden before they actually became romantically involved. His wings and angelic powers have been bound and he must function as a normal human with human limitations and vulnerabilities.

Eli has quite the task to complete in a very short amount of time, and he must admit a little doubt has crept into his mind as to whether Ryden fell in love with him or was enamored with his angelic glamour. In his heart, he knows that Ryden loves him and he will do everything in his power to make her feel that for him again. If he is unsuccessful, then the punishment he faces is death. If he is successful, he will have his true love, and a turning point will be reached for the Grigori brethren. For then, evidence will be had that Nephilim and Fallen Angels are capable of being redeemed by love, and soul mates definitely exist for them. Unfortunately, there is someone among the Brethren who is not willing to take a chance that Eli will be victorious, and undertakes a plan to sabotage Eli and Ryden's relationship. Will Eli and Ryden be able to prove love conquers all and be allowed to stay together?

Eli: Warriors for the Light is a romantic, paranormal short story that is engrossing from the beginning. The subject matter of Fallen Angels in paranormal romances is hot right now, and Ms. Nutt weaves a wonderful tale of hunky, sexy angels and their quest for true love. By the end of the story, the reader is left wishing for another one hundred pages of Eli and Ryden's story. You just don't want it to come to an end. Eli and Ryden fit perfectly together and just seem to be meant for each other. They have an easy-going rapport and are total in sync with one another. There is sexual tension between the two, and you can see how badly they want each other, but they don't push or rush into anything, Their chemistry works and delving into descriptions of sexual intimacy are not needed to make this story sexy. The old adage, "Less is more", definitely fits this story.

This is a great book to curl up with if love stories about Fallen Angels and Nephilim are of interest to you. There is something very appealing and sexy about having such powerful paranormal creatures as romantic leads in love stories, and this is no exception. Ms. Nutt has done very well in delivering a top-notch romance which should please paranormal fans.

Book Blurb for Eli

At a very young age, the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori's head. Rule number one: Do not befriend a human. Rule number two: Do not interfere in their lives. Rule number three: Do not have relations with a human. Rule number four: Under no circumstances will you ever reveal your true self. He managed to break all of the above.

Ol' Hallow's Eve is the day the veil between worlds is thin. It's the only day out of the year the preternatural beings are allowed to walk among the humans as their true selves. With Eli's wings bound and his glamour stripped, the Elders send him back in time before Ryden O'Sullivan knew the truth about him. If she is truly his soul mate, then her heart should recognize him.

There are those among the Watchers who are afraid Eli might succeed in his quest for love. If he does, everything will change within the brethren. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire, are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. Eli is a warrior and will fight to keep Ryden safe, but time may be his biggest enemy. The Elders gave him until the end of Ol' Hallow's Eve. Ryden must fall in love with him by then or his life will be forfeited.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 5.00