The Watcher

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The Watcher

Content: Sensual Romance

Emily Lucent has been hearing a man's voice and cannot be sure if he is a ghost or if she's just plain loosing her mind. With the aid of a fortune teller she discovers her mysterious voice has a name, Netzach. Although Emily develops feelings for Netzach, she questions how she can realistically love and experience a physical affair with a spirit?

As Emily's watcher, Netzach can only observe her and is forbidden to interfere with her life. A difficult scenario for Netzach to accept, considering that they are soul mates and that Emily's life is in terrible danger. Will one moment of desire to be reunited with his eternal true love affect their outcome to be together forever?

Can your heart race in anticipation at the sound of a male spirit's voice? This reviewer thought so, especially when reading the heart felt story of Emily and Netzach. How wonderfully refreshing to have an author remind us that love is eternal and also that through love anything is possible. This story contained a potpourri of magical elements guaranteed to satisfy every palette. A job well done by Ms. Keller and I truly hope that her future releases are as captivating as The Watcher.

Book Blurb for The Watcher

Museum curator, Emily Lucent, specializes in ancient Scottish swords. When she hears a Highland voice calling to her, she falls in love with the disembodied spirit seven days before her wedding. Part of the Guardian Angel squad, Netzach is her watcher. He loves Emily desperately, and defies his deities to have her. Her fiancé, Dr. Jon Hart, serves evil. He spouts words of love until Emily agrees to marry him. She wanted out of the engagement, he wouldn’t release her. Vengeance and anger took him to Scotland. Will Emily survive Jon’s sharp blade and be reunited with her watcher?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00