The Seventh Portal

The last thing Anke expected was to be a victim and a hostage during jewelry hold up. Sadly her abductor Cain is drop dead gorgeous and can read her wicked little thoughts. More shocking to Anke is the fact that she, Cain and his friends can all shift into hairy creatures. Can all this be a bad dream?

Anke is the key to the portal of their world and together they must travel through time to discover the truth behind their origins.

I was pleasantly surprised with the concept of this story. I must admit that when I first stared reading the story and Cain indicated "the change" I was pretty certain as to what the creature was, but was pleasantly proved wrong when the author actually reveals what the "creature" is.

Personally I felt that this story started out very solid, but started unraveling after they traveled through the portal. Perhaps the second story in the series will provide with a much stronger concept of their mission and provide growth for some of the secondary characters. If you are looking for something different in the "shifting category" then this is definitely the story for you.

Book Blurb for The Seventh Portal

Anke faces another Christmas alone. With certain misgivings she goes to the jewelry store to pick up her fixed watch that was a gift from her ex fiance. Just after her arrival at the store, she is witness to a robbery. Only this thief is no ordinary thief. He's the sexiest individual she's ever met and she can't help feeling attracted to him, despite the circumstances. Cain's voices have told him to take the woman with him. At first he has no idea why, until he feels the mating urge, an urge he's not felt before for any of his kind. He finally understands that Anke is the final link, the one who was missing from the pack of one hundred. She will make their dreams come true--she will help them return to the world they originated from. Without her, the window in time would pass and they would have to wait for the next window. Anke is convinced she's in a weird fantasy dream, especially when she shifts into a creature and watches the others do the same. At the same time Cain turns her on so much, as the human, and as the creature, that she goes along with the dream, wants him to make love to her. Follow Anke and Cain as they travel to other worlds, as they try and solve the mystery of their origin.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00