The Empath

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The Empath

Nocturne Ser.

Nicolas is a powerful warrior and the male Beta of his lycanthropic family. He is tough as nails, but an outcast for breaking pack laws. But to Nicolas these things don't matter as long as he finds the one person that can possibly cure his packs alpha male. Maggie has always sought her answers under a microscope. Trading one night of work for fun and relaxation throws Maggie right into Nicolas's path. Male DNA has never looked so gorgeous up close and in the flesh!

Nicolas must quickly convince Maggie of her true identity and must persuade her to accept her fate as the foretold legend of their people and as Nicolas's true mate. Their enemies, the Morphs, are relentless in their pursuit of Maggie and would like nothing better than to eliminate the packs only hope. Vowing never to use violence can Maggie embrace and release the raging beast that lies dormant within her? Will Nicolas wholly give himself to his mate to ensue the exchange of power and physical bonding during their delicate ritual of mating?

Being the first book this reviewer has read by Ms. Vanak, The Empath is a remarkably sensational and highly entertaining story that prompted this reader to hang on for a worthwhile ride. From the moment we meet the sexy and mouth watering Nicolas complimented by the lovely and tender Maggie you cannot help but cheer and sympathize with these two characters along their path of pain, love and discovery.

Paranormal readers take notice! Ms. Vanak's The Empath is a force to be reckoned with as this author has concocted a smooth and sensual story guaranteed to please readers longing for strong characters intertwined with magical and mystical beings. This story is a recommended read and I will definitely be looking for other releases by Ms. Vanak!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00