Phoenix Unrisen

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Phoenix Unrisen

When Natalie Severin, an inquisitive reporter, finds herself on the trail of exotic bird smugglers the last thing she expected to encounter was the sensual and gorgeous Ram Montgomery. But when their road to discovery uncovers traces of a powerful magic, they quickly realize that sinister forces are behind the mysterious bird trafficking. This dynamic duo unites to expose the culprits, but will Natalie's past history with the supernatural interfere with the intense physical attraction that is growing between them?

Riveting and versatile are just a few of the words that justifiably complement Kathleen Nance's Phoenix Unrisen. This is a sensual and romantic tale that has been cleverly infused with magic, making this a memorable story that every romance reader must experience. This reviewer is convinced that this book will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Although this is the first novel I have read by Ms. Nance, I cannot help but think that all her works are grade A and will definitely catch her other offerings. Romance readers take notice! Phoenix Unrisen is one story you will not want to miss.

Book Blurb for Phoenix Unrisen

As a reporter for NONE, New Orleans New Eyes, Natalie Severin specialized in the stories no one else would believe. But on a fog-shrouded night in the bayou, she stumbled across something even she found incredible: veterinarian Ram Montgomery. A man with reflexes so lightning quick he could take down three armed opponents, with healing power at the touch of his fingertips, and with eyes that sent a shot of arousal straight through her body.

Uneasy allies on the track of thugs smuggling exotic animals into the country, Natalie and Ram began to sense a more dangerous ring at work in the city. Despite her mistrust of the magic building between them, Natalie would have to put her faith in Ram or become another victim of the smuggler's terrifying secret mission.

Phoenix Unrisen is the story of a man of magic and a woman who exposes the dangerous temptations of power.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.75