Only You

Grayson Novel Series, # 5

Sierra Grayson, the only girl amongst four older brothers, is determined to not allow her mother to marry her off as she has done with her brothers. Accustomed to a single and independent lifestyle, she is unwilling to be tied down to a man and cater to his every need. As fate would have it, Sierra's determination to stay unattached is derailed when she meets real estate mogul Blade Navarone, a man known for his ruthless and nomadic ways. Can Sierra deny herself the searing passion of a man that takes what he wants regardless of the consequences, or will Sierra unknowingly fulfill a mother's wish?

Only You is a cleverly written story, which this reviewer found enjoyable from start to finish. Sierra and Blade are both very strong and engaging characters who are not afraid of voicing their opinions. The camaraderie between Sierra and her family was refreshing and warm which added to the riveting emotions and charismatic scenes that made this book captivating. Francis Ray has done a fantastic job of conveying to the reader a beautiful story of love and romance that I recommend as a must read. Only You is the fifth book in the Grayson Series and can be read independently.

Book Blurb for Only You

Sierra Grayson is next in line for love. If her four older brothers managed to get married off, surely Sierra can't be far behind. At least that's the outcome her matchmaking mother, Ruth, is hoping for…whether Sierra--smart, too sexy for her own good, and stubborn to a fault--wants it or not. But little does Ruth know what else fate has in store.

After a chance meeting billionaire real estate mogul Blade Navarone 'wins' Sierra at an auction. Both are stunned by the intense sexual attraction and fight it for different reasons. A legend in the industry, Blade is known to be ruthless and relentless--a cruel twist of fate taught him to be no other way. But can Sierra trust him to treat her as more than just another acquisition? And if Blade does allow himself to care for her, will Sierra herself be willing to give up her hard-won independence and make a lifelong investment? Or has a mother's luck run its course?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.75