Naked Exposure

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Naked Exposure

All Wrapped Up Vol. 2

Deidre Laxon has big dreams to one day be a wedding photographer, but in order to fulfill her dream she must use her photographic skills as a paparazzi to capture that one illicit shot that will carry her over the top and free her from this undesirable lifestyle. Deidre is paid to follow an up and coming Hollywood bachelor named Greg Radigan. When she trespasses in a home he was last seen entering, Deidre gets her shot, and catches Greg playing in a little game of BDSM.

Greg Radigan's life cannot get any better. He is werewolf living the high life that he has always wanted, that is until he gets caught being sexually naughty and his picture is plastered all over the tabloids. Fearing his career has been tarnished, Greg sets out to find and punish the person responsible for taking the photos. Once he meets Deidra, Greg's sole purpose it to embarrass and castigate Deidre for her past and recent transgressions.

Although BDSM has not been a topic that interests me, I found that this was a very good story about one woman's desire to make a better life for her, at the cost of doing a job she found undesirable. It was also a romantic tale about a Hollywood actor falling for a member of the paparazzi. The plot unraveled very nicely and I found myself thoroughly engaged.

Book Blurb for Naked Exposure

A picture is worth a thousand words...

When savvy celebrity photographer Deidre Laxon trespasses on private property in pursuit of hot Hollywood bachelor Greg Radigan, she hopes to catch him engaged in something sinfully naughty. After all, that's what she's paid for. But she has no idea she's about to capture him in all his naked glory participating in some very explicit BDSM play.

The moment the picture hits the newsstands, it quickly becomes the only thing anyone can talk about. Greg knows his career is ruined. Why couldn't the paparazzi have photographed him changing from his human form into his wolf shape? At least he could have tried to explain that astonishing scenario away as a digital enhancement.

Naturally, whoever took the picture has to pay.

When Greg and Deidre finally come face-to-face, he's ready to exact revenge. And nothing short of Deidre's complete submission will satisfy him.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.50