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Johanna MacDonald had just wrapped up a weeks worth of negotiations with Haper Manufacturing and needed to get away. Her escape takes her to Friday Harbor, where on the ferry she encounters for the second time in one day a very handsome drifter named Luke, and the adventure will entice her to one night of spontaneous passion that will forever change her life.

Discovering that she is pregnant from her weekend fling, Johanna will not allow anything to jeopardize her executive status at Larkspur Industries and her ability to provide financial security for her child. As far as she is concerned nothing can derail her momentum, so she decides that the only way to salvage her career is by offering Luke $10,000 dollars to buy his last name. Luke accepts her terms, but discovers that he is not in fact a man down on his luck, but a powerful executive featured in Fortune 500. With an agreement of his own, Johanna is unsettled when Luke's proposal dictates among other things, that they should live together as a married couple. Her family memories are few since Johanna was surrendered to the foster care system at a very young age; and without any family to aid in these life-changing decisions can Johanna live with a man that she hardly knows? Why couldn't Luke just give in to her original demands, and why is he so willing to make her a part of his life?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Johanna. It was a very thought provoking story prompting me to ask how many women have had weekends like Johanna, with or without the same outcome? Johanna's character surprised me because I thought her a little selfish at first, but based on her upbringing you almost cannot blame her, as she had to fight hard for everything she has. Luke's character was a little frustrating, but needed to be that way in order for things to come full circle between him and Johanna. This book made me experience a vast range of emotions that I have not experience from a romance book in a long time. I loved Johanna and it is definitely a recommended read!

Book Blurb for Johanna

Career driven Johanna MacDonald has fought long and hard to become an executive in conservative Larkspur Industries. When an impulsive weekend spent with a charming threadbare stranger leaves her pregnant she's prepared to do whatever she has to to protect her career.

She offers her weekend companion $10,000 for a marriage in name only. She's relieved when he accepts and stunned when he turns out to be a wealthy west coast businessman and the city's most eligible bachelor. Why would he consider such an arrangement? And why would he threaten both her career and her unborn child when she attempts to withdraw her offer?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00