Immortal Desire

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Immortal Desire

Destiny & Immortality - In one trade size book


Nadiba, High Priestess of Sumar, and an ancient immortal High Witch has spent over four thousand years convincing herself that Ennatum, the only man she's ever truly loved, was responsible for the death of her child. When Nadiba's picture appears in the newspaper, Ennatum cannot believe his eyes because the woman in the photo is the same woman he thought died so long ago. United again, the once mighty King of Sumar and his High Priestess are being hunted by a killer from their past whose deep hatred will again attempt to destroy everyone they have protected and loved. Will there be enough time to discover the honest truth behind her son's murder? Can a stone cold woman break her vow of never allowing herself to feel the power of love again?

Destiny was a very fascinating look into the culture and customs of the Sumerian people and the struggles women faced while attempting to regain their status during this period in time. These struggles were made very clear through Nadiba, whom as a child wished to learn the sacred script. These teachings at the time were a privilege that was only granted to the boys. Nidaba's unwavering pursuit of knowledge to learn to write is what leads her to meet the only man she would ever love engulfing the reader in her passions as a student and as a woman. Ennatum is a character that I admired greatly considering his position as King. It was evident he loved Nadiba deeply yet knew that nothing was more important than fulfilling his promise to keep his people and his county safe from opposing enemies, even if it meant marrying someone he did not love. Destiny is a romantic tale that will take you to an ancient civilization and to the lives of two people one of whom yearned for knowledge. Together they formed a friendship as children that later blossoms to a burning and passionate adult love.


Queen Puabi knew her marriage to King Ennatum was one of convenience and loving a man that does not love you is heartbreaking. While out searching for his mistress Puabi's husband has left her all alone to face the death of her still born son. Unwilling to forgive Ennatum for leaving her to face this grief alone, the death of her child tears Puabi apart and allows a deep hatred to consume her. Four thousand years have come and gone and hating has taken its toll on Puabi. After nearly burning to death in a fire, she escapes and flings herself over a cliff into the sea ready to embrace the end until she is found floating in the water by a man named Matthew.

Matthew is convinced that Puabi was sent to him for a chance at redemption and inner healing, but one of them must be willing to sacrificing their life to save the life of another?

Immortality touches on the feelings of a woman's loss for a child and the emotions involved when a woman falls in love with a man who does not love her in return. One cannot help but feel sympathy for Puabi as she was a victim of circumstances and I feel that she tried to have a child with Ennatum in order to forge some emotional connection with him. Puabi's was a heartfelt story of a hard and bitter woman that realizes the error of her ways and the opportunity she is given for a second chance at love.

Book Blurb for Immortal Desire

Two enthralling paranormal romances in one volume from the New York Times bestselling author.

In Destiny, the Immortal High Witch Nidaba is captured by a madman. After endless torment, she escapes-but is deeply altered. Centuries later, she is found by Nathan King, who loved her long ago. But the beautiful woman he cherished has been replaced by a bitter, angry shell of her former self. If Nathan is to soothe her, he must face the horrors that she barely survived.

In Immortality, the Immortal High Witch Puabi thinks herself as good as dead-until she is rescued by millionaire Matthew Fairchild. Still grieving over his late wife, he is startled to encounter a bewitching woman who looks eerily like his lost love. But Puabi is like no one he's ever met before-and she may offer him the passion he needs to heal his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.75