Hide and Seek

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Hide and Seek


What do you get when you combine a love struck playboy with an environmental activist female? You get a sexual greenhouse effect. Hot! Hot! Hot! Hide and Seek is a smoldering and sensual read you won't want to put down. Ms. Brooks breathed real emotions into these characters making their union even sweeter convincing the reader they truly belonged together. You almost have to laugh at the antics that Maxim endures at the hands of Elise, but when they sexually come together the pages melt in your hands. Any man willing to go so far to be pushed beyond his limits to prove he loves a woman is a keeper in my book. So buckle up and enjoy the steamy ride for this story will cause you to squirm in your seat.

Hide and Seek is a naughty and wonderfully written tale guaranteed to warm up the chilliest of winter nights. Ms. Brooks is a name to remember and I have a hunch I will not want to miss out on her other book offerings.

Book Blurb for Hide and Seek

Another sexy tale from a sultry new voice in erotic romance. Confident, freewheeling Maxim Cox has been thinking lately that something's been missing in his life. Then he sees his old college crush facing scandal in a tabloid and figures it out; it's Elisa Cross, the one who got away. Now he'll do anything it takes to have Elisa, in every way. To escape the scandal, Elisa has sworn off men and holed herself up in a cabin miles from anywhere. So when Maxim appears at her door in the middle of a snowstorm, she can't believe it. She swore she'd never give in to his devilish good looks, but the raging storm and her raging desires make him impossible to refuse. But Elisa's determined to keep the upper hand-and arranges a game of Hide and Seek. And if Maxim can play by her rules and find her, he can have her-all of her.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.75