Eternal Love

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Eternal Love

Eternity & Infinity - In one trade size book


Over 300 years ago in the New World, Raven St. James, an immortal witch, was accused of witchcraft and was sentenced to die. On that fateful night only one man, a minister by the name of Duncan Wallace challenges her accusers to stop this wrongful execution only to lose his life for the woman he loves. After three centuries of painfully waiting for her lost love, Duncan is back but his new body cannot remember their past life together. Will the memories come flooding back to Duncan in time to stop the evil that threatens to tear them apart as it did in their past so long ago?

Eternity according to this reviewer is a timeless romance that will remain in your heart long after you have finished the book. Maggie Shayne has once again brought to life an enchanting and captivating story of two lovers that have faced death and heartache yet their love for each other remains timeless. Raven was definitely a caring and loving woman nonetheless unafraid to fight to the death to save Duncan's life. I applaud the thought Ms. Shayne gave to Duncan's character. Duncan's doubts as a man of the cloth were heartfelt and genuine. Going against everything he believed made him very real and when he surrenders to his carnal desires it was tastefully done for a love so moving and passionate that it left me breathless. Eternity is an unforgettable story that will leave the reader enthralled.


Centuries have passed since the death of the man Arianna loved and betrayed, but when she discovers that she may have the knowledge to bring Nicodemus back from the dead, Arianna is willing to relive the pain of her betrayal which cost him his life. Will Nicodemus remember the young spirited beauty that was determined to claim his heart or will Nicodemus remember her disloyalty that led to his demise that tragic day?

Yet another delightfully romantic and enchanting story told by Ms. Shayne. Arianna is a woman that knows what she wants and has no problem vocalizing her thoughts to get it. The playful banter between Nicodemus and Arianna was absolutely wonderful and brought to life these two people making it seem that I personally knew them. Arianna's resilience and Duncan's determination made for two powerful characters both fierce and determined to fight for each other. A powerful, charming and brilliant story that pulls the reader into an endless romance bound to warm the soul.

Although this book is a reissue, Maggie Shayne magically pens two wonderfully passionate stories and convinced this reader that true love is eternal. If you did not catch Eternal Love the first time around I highly recommend you add this one to your must read list!

Book Blurb for Eternal Love

Two passionate paranormal romances in one volume from the New York Times bestselling author.

In Eternity, readers will savor the story of Raven St. James, whose unearthly beauty brought accusations of witchcraft-and a sentence of death. Luckily Duncan, the town minister, saved her life. But Raven could not save him. Now, after three centuries, Raven has found Duncan in the body of a man who has no memory of their past. As Duncan slowly reawakens, they are once more endangered by the evil that tore them apart.

Infinity tells the enthralling tale of Nicodemus Lachlan, who lay dormant in the Scottish Highlands for five centuries after his one love betrayed him. The only thing he remembers is Arianna, the golden-haired lass who touched his soul-and her treachery, which cost him his life. But when Arianna finds a way to bring back her love, the dark power that reunited the two threatens all they hold dear.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00