Sunshine on Chrome

A book in the Cougar Challenge series.

Lacey Rezanov and Verill Harper are two of the most engaging characters that I read in a long time. Both are strong, vibrant and independent people. So imagine having to work together for months and the sexual tension is truly off the charts. The day the contract is over, the tension is finally broken in Lacye's office but is quickly interrupted by her son, Vance.

Lacey tells Verill that it can't happen again and goes out on a date with someone else. When she realizes that the date is over, she hops into the first available cab and is quickly taken to a bad part of the city. The suspense element in this story was a very welcome surprise and added to the tension between Lacey and Verill. When Verill and his mechanic Dene show up to help Lacy, she can't believe that it’s the same person.

The reason for the bike ride will warm your heart and see Verill in a completely different light. The point of the bike ride is central to the story. While the sexual scenes are hot, the emotions are what drive this story and the characters themselves.

I love the Cougar Challenge series. It is one of the best series that I have ever read whether mainstream or erotic. You do not have to read them order and when the girls start talking on the blog, the dialogue is fresh and relevant. Lynne did an excellent job of bringing back Sunset has the springboard for Lacey to help her make her mind up.

Book Blurb for Sunshine on Chrome

After working with sexy consultant Verill Harper for three months, Lacey Rezanov can hardly keep her hands to herself. And it seems Verill feels the same way. As soon as his contract with her company ends, he has her in a hold she has no desire to break.

Encouraged by the sassy women of the Tempt the Cougar blog, Lacey has the fling of her life with this younger man. They only have a month before Verill is due to set off on an around-the-world bike ride. Can they cram all that passion into a few weeks? No.

Verill wants Lacey more than any other woman he’s ever met, but she won’t agree to come with him. This isn’t just a pleasure trip and he can’t cancel. The heat is turned way up when Lacey poses with Verill and his mechanic Dene at a photo shoot to promo the tour. Even that can’t persuade Lacey to change her mind. Can anything? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.75