Something Old

Book 1 in the Wedding Belles series.

Brina Collins shows up at her friend’s wedding, as a bridesmaid but isn’t too happy to be alone. When she spies Adair Al’Hassan at the check in desk, she tries to go back up to her room unseen. When Adair spots her, the pursuit is on. Adair broke her heart years ago when he gave into his mother’s demands and left her, and now he shows up at the wedding and is determined to win her back. Brina decides what the heck, it’s only for one night, and surely he can’t break her heart again?

Something Old is the first book in a collection of books revolving around the wedding of a college friend. The sexual chemistry between Brina and Adair sizzles and only heats up more when the former lovers rekindle their relationship. I liked both Brina and Adair from the start. What’s not to like about a confident man that realizes that he made a huge mistake and only wants to rectify that mistake. Brina was cold and not very sympathetic in the beginning but quickly warmed up in the end. I can understand her reluctance, as Adair had burned her once. The twist at the end I did not see coming and was very welcome and understandable.

I really liked this book by Ms. Standifer and look forward to the other books in the series. 

Book Blurb for Something Old

Brina hates weddings almost as much as she hates being a bridesmaid but her sorority sister demands she be one. At the wedding she runs into Adair, the man who left her—under the orders of his family.

Adair made a mistake leaving Brina, but he’s back now. He has no intention of letting the woman he loves walk away without a fight…or a night of soul-melting sex to prove just how right they are together.

Will a night of blistering passion be enough to convince Brina that Adair’s back for good? Or will she let the past ruin her future? Either way, only one thing is certain. Something old has never looked or felt so good. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75