Enslaved Hearts, Book Three

Let me start by saying I normally don't read science fiction novels even though I like science fiction movies and television. This book has a mixture of science fiction, intrigue, romance, historical and lost loves. The story is set on another planet with a modern feel to it. The new colony was set up by some men that rival Pompeii, Italy. It has period dress, gladiator's games and sexual debauchery from old Pompeii. The men that set up the colony fooled everyone to follow them to the off world to set it up. Naloni is a true princess in this world and Max is considered a slave. He is a trained gladiator and has retired from the ring so now he trains the new gladiators. The author uses great imagery so you have a sense of how the gladiators train, live and work.

Max and Naloni met in unusual circumstances a few years ago and fell in love. In the few weeks that they had together, it was sensual and hot. When Max found out about her real life, he left her heartbroken and miserable. Max and Naloni never forgot the time they had together and the love that they shared.

When they meet again, Naloni is kidnapped and Max is an unsuspecting accomplice in her kidnapping. The reunion is not what either one expects. Soon sparks are flying again and sated once again. The intrigue and misunderstandings were palpable and a welcome addition to the story. You really get a sense of what Naloni and Max have gone through since they last saw each other.

I highly recommend this book for anyone thinking of a reading science fiction novel with other elements in the story. Max and Naloni stole my heart. Now I need to find the other two stories in the series to complete the series. Great job in converting a non-science fiction reader to one that now looks forward to more of the series.

Book Blurb for Secrets

Princess Naloni attends the Festival of Venus expecting to expose the orgies, the decadence and the brutality within New Pompeii, but instead becomes fascinated by the uninhibited sexual displays. She sees two magnificent gladiators wrestling--their naked bodies sliding, straining. She can't help but imagine herself between their steel hardness. An instant later, she finds herself not only sandwiched between their gleaming, hard bodies, but she is in the middle of a gladiator uprising.

Max knew his friend was going to attempt an escape. However, he had no idea a hostage would be taken. Naloni does not go quietly. She struggles, attempting to sabotage them at every turn. Max is intrigued by her resistance and aroused by her supple body. His pulse pounds as he imagines how he will take her. How he will stoke her fire until she burns out of control. Their passion is forbidden, but their hearts don't seem to care. They abandon themselves to a romance that will change the course of their world--or destroy it.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50