For David and Ellie, this weekend is a make it or break it one for them. Their daughter, Celia is going away to college and they are dropping her off and staying for the weekend. In the car, David and Ellie start arguing over where to turn and Celia just can't take it anymore from her parents. Ellie is an artist and then a wife and mother. David runs a computer business and the two have somehow lost contact with each other as a couple. David suggests that they try to find each other again, as a couple.

What started off as off the wall, mind numbing sex, turns into something more for David and Ellie. I was completely enthralled with David and Ellie and how they balance their lives, work, Celia, and each other. It has them both stressed out and they really don't know where to go from here. They both realized what was missing from their relationship and that was the spontaneity of it and the coming together as couple.

Ms. Marsden has written a very poignant, emotional story about two people that could be you and your spouse, neighbors, friends really anyone that you see on the street. The story is fast paced and though provoking. While the sex is hot and numerous, some of the situations are humorous and laugh out loud funny.

I highly recommend Schooling for anyone that likes to read about couples that are struggling with their relationship and how they reconnect with each other as individuals and within a couple.

Book Blurb for Schooling

David and Ellie have been together for a long time. A very long time. Their marriage has started to fray a bit around the edges and the stress is really beginning to show. When they take their daughter to college—planning to stay for parents’ weekend—something unexpected happens…

Passion. Molten, unexpected, off-the-wall heat. In layman’s terms, awesome sex.

David proposes a plan to the wife he still truly loves. A little bit of sexual schooling and a refresher course in seduction. The goal is to put the oomph and sizzle back in their marriage. Turns out it’s really not just about the hot, amazing and abundant sex, it’s also about twenty years of love. And remembering who they are, individually and as a couple. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.75