Reveal Me

Alana MacGregor realizes that she is in over her head. She is a party girl and has come to the popular sex club to find her boyfriend with another woman. She’s lost her best friend inside the club, too. As she is leaving the club, she bumps into Carter Nicholas. At first she doesn’t recognize him and gets caught up in the atmosphere of the club and comes onto him. When they here that the club is about to be raided, they leave and never make to their cars before giving into their passion.
The chemistry between Alana and Carter is off the charts. Alana and Carter were friends in school but Alana couldn’t look past the geek exterior to see the real Carter. The scenes between them don’t feel rushed and you get a sense of the growing trust between Alana and Carter.
Ms. Quinn has penned another great story with characters that you honestly would like to have has friends and get to know. The book is short but very to the point. Great job and I look forward to more of her books.

Book Blurb for Reveal Me

Alana MacGregor craves excitement, but when her sometimes lover dumps her at a popular sex club, she wonders if she’s outgrown her live-fast-and-recover-later lifestyle. The last thing she expects is to run into the nerdy guy she rebuffed in high school—or for him to rock her world in ways no other man ever has.

Hot on the trail of a story, Carter Nicholas can’t believe his luck at encountering the one woman he’s never forgotten. He’s come a long way from being a wall-hugging geek. Now he gets all A’s between the sheets. But can he convince Alana he’s her sure ticket to an unforgettable night—and maybe much more? 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50