Learning Curves

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Learning Curves

Emotional, sexy, thought provoking, tender and loving are some of the words that describe Learning Curves. Leanne wasn't thrilled about going to a hen party located at a male strip club for her childhood nemesis. What she didn't except to find was the love of her life and the courage to stand up for herself to her colleagues and her family. Brandon was just trying to work while finishing up his PhD studies when he is called back to dance again on stage. What he didn't expect was to find the courage to love and to be loved in return.

From the very first page of this book, I was in love and the love just grew deeper and deeper, Leanne spoke to me in some many different ways. I felt like I was reading about my own insecurities and dealings with a mother. Her confidence grew within her relationship with Brandon. Brandon was not ashamed of who or what he is. His confidence in himself was just the boost that Leanne needed within herself.

The secondary characters in Learning Curves are second to none. They enhance the story, not take over it. Leanne's friends are second to none and even the strippers at the club are good, too. The relationship that Leanne has with her dad keeps her sane and the interaction between them is magic. When Brandon meets her dad, it's an instant like and mutual admiration for each other.

What I really enjoyed about Leanne and Brandon was that they were totally uninhibited with each other. They were open, honest and raw in the thoughts, words and deeds. They fell in love when they didn't want to. Love snuck up on them and it nearly cost them their happiness.

I highly recommend Learning Curves for anyone that likes their characters to grow within the relationship and realize what's really important to them. Great job and I look forward to more from Elyse Mady.

Book Blurb for Learning Curves

Leanne Galloway has no time for dating; her focus is on launching her academic career. Dragged along to her childhood frenemy Gillian's bachelorette party at a male strip club, she just wants to get through the evening—but she can't help interfering when Gillian sends a note to a sexy dancer proposing a hot hookup.

Brandon Myles is working backstage at the Foxe's Den to fund his post-graduate studies in dance, but he's forced onstage when the headliner fails to show up. He feels a surprisingly strong connection with a quiet woman watching from a table full of tipsy bridesmaids, and he's delighted when she appears backstage after his set.

After a scorching spontaneous encounter, Leanne and Brandon agree to go their separate ways. But they're both grad students on a small campus, and avoiding each other and denying their attraction won't work for long, especially when a jealous rival appears, determined to ruin both their academic careers.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 5.00