Keeping Claire

This books reminds me of the Godfather, fairy tales of my childhood and a great romance. KB Alan had me hooked from the first couple of pages and never let up. I must admit though, that I have never read a book with fairies in it so I was intrigued.

Ryan and Jacob are owners of a company and they think that Claire is hacking into their company computers. Little did they know they know that she had special abilities like them but was suppressing them. Someone was trying to use her abilities to threaten their company.

Both Ryan and Jacob are fae but don't let that fool you. The first half of the book is good, you get to know the characters and watch them grow to love each other. You also will learn a little about the fae world and what Claire is going through. But then half way through the book, BAM...................the suspense is taunt and fast paced. The world that Ryan is from is very different from ours and Claire gets scared and runs. She wants to fully trust Ryan but has never learned to trust anyone.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a taunt suspense, character driven, romantic story. The characters are richly drawn and are highly likeable. I would love a sequel with Ryan and Claire.

Book Blurb for Keeping Claire

Claire’s been fantasizing about the owner of her company since she first saw him. Ryan is gorgeous, confident and sexy as hell. In other words, so not her type. With the crazy life she leads, it’s best to stick to men who are happy to do what she tells them to, then disappear. Since Ryan would never abide by those terms, it’s best to keep him right where she’s got him—in her dreams.

Ryan gets up close and personal with Claire while investigating a threat to his company. Once he’s convinced she’s not out to hurt what he’s helped build, he refocuses his more-than-human energies on his intriguing employee. When she quits, insisting it’s best if she leaves town, he’s determined to convince her otherwise. At least long enough to get a taste of her. And the more he tastes, the more he touches, the more he wants. Now he just has to convince Claire that what they have is worth fighting for, and he’s more than up to the task. 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50