Callie's Sexy Surprise

Wow, what a surprise it was to read Callie's Sexy Surprise. I have read ménage stories before, the good, the bad and the indifferent and this one is definitely the good! Trista Ann Michaels does not disappoint in her take on how friends learn to love each other in an unconventual relationship. Most people are turned off on ménage relationships, but give Ms. Michaels a chance. I have read some of her other ménage books and they were wonderful. Her characters are supportive of one another and nothing is contrived in the way they get together.

Callie, Brian and Derek have been friends and roommates since college and without Callie knowing, Brian and Derek have been in love with her since college. When she starts have fantasies about them, she decides to book a weekend away at sex club resort to get her ménage fantasy for real. What she doesn't know is that Brian and Derek heard her make the reservations and are going to meet her there and surprise her.

Callie is in for the biggest surprise of her life. The sex scenes are highly erotic and loving at the same time. You don't feel has if they are just having sex but that they are making love with each other. You can feel the thoughts and feelings that each character has for one another.

If you have tried ménage stories before and didn't care for them, give Callie's Sex Surprise a chance... Ms. Michaels just might change your mind.

Book Blurb for Callie's Sexy Surprise

Callie, Brian and Derek have been roommates since college. They do everything together, even go on vacation. But this year Callie is left to go on vacation alone. And she knows exactly where she's going.For months now she's been fantasizing about a ménage, but doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Brian and Derek. Instead she makes plans to visit Hayden, an exclusive sex resort that caters to fantasies.But Derek and Brian have also been thinking about sex with Callie, and have decided if anyone is going to have a ménage weekend with their roommate, it's going to be them. They head to Hayden too, to give Callie one sexy surprise she'll never forget!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00