Okay, I'm a hockey fan and that was one of the main reasons I picked this book up. I was intrigued how much hockey would be in the story and Ms. Jamieson did not disappoint. Hockey is a very integral part of the story. It sets the tone for the story and how the two characters will interact with each other and the pitfalls and surprises that happen along the way.

Jason is a hot shot hockey player that has broken up with his longtime girlfriend. She mentioned the "m-word" and Jason realized that's not what he wanted. Remi has had to raise her two younger siblings after the death of their parents and she's never really had any fun. When these two meet in a bar, the chemistry is instant and hot. Remi did something that she had never done before; she had a one-night stand.

Their relationship soon turns too fast for Remi but not fast enough for Jason. Jason realizes that Remi is the woman he loves and wants to commit to her. Remi keeps holding back because of Jason's job and lifestyle. Jason just doesn't understand why Remi won't commit to their relationship. Once they realize that they want to commit to each other, the other shoe drops and it just seems like nothing is going to keep them together. Both Remi and Jason step back and take stock in what they want out of life and decide to go for it.

Ms. Jamieson writes with a style that is all her own. This story is a very touching, emotional and loving. When I started reading Breakaway, I really wasn't sure how the story was going to play out. The twists, turns and emotions run high and never let up until the last page. I felt like I was actually in the story, too. The hockey references, while fun to read, really brought Jason's story and Remi's fears front and center to me. I love hockey and I really felt like I was there, experiencing everything that Remi and Jason were experiencing.

The chemistry between Jason and Remi is off the charts. I was expecting the sex to be numerous and graphic, well, it's more loving, touching and real. You can feel the emotions, feel the touches, taste the kisses and see the tears.

I highly recommend Breakaway to any reader that wants a loving, touching and emotional rich story between two opposites that realize what they want and need in their lives is the complete opposite of what they thought they wanted or needed.

Book Blurb for Breakaway

Jason and Remi want the same thing—no-strings-attached, screw-their-brains-out, burn-the-sheets-up fun. Pro hockey player Jason just broke up with his girlfriend because she got too serious. Schoolteacher Remi just saw the last of the younger siblings she raised leave the nest. Jace isn’t ready for responsibility. Remi’s had enough responsibility. They’re perfect playmates.

But fun and sexy games get complicated when emotions get involved. Then responsibility and commitment crash the party when Jason’s past comes back to haunt him. Like it or not, Jason and Remi both have to figure out what they really want.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75