Under a Viking Moon

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Under a Viking Moon

Mists of Time Book One

Being a powerful leader didn’t stop Leif Nabboddrson from being tied up and thrown into the sea by his enemies. Nothing shocks him more than to wake up on the shore of modern day California, rescued by a woman who is the identical image of the duplicitous bride who betrayed him.
Rescuing Leif complicates Katla “Kat” Jonsdottir’s existence. She knows who he is from her grandmother’s stories and the role that her family has played in his life. When they find themselves hurtled back through time, “Kat” brings the knowledge of what must be done in order to right the errors of the past.
Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back through time? Tami Dee writes a compelling love story involving just that question in this story. I was fascinated by her depiction of what life would have been like in 900 A.D. Iceland, and with the characters that she developed for this story. This was my first experience with reading a story that involves time travel and I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I enjoyed this story.
This story starts in 900 AD, with an impending marriage between Leif Nabboddrson and Katla Rollodottir, the daughter of an ally. When he and his men arrive and are betrayed by Katla and her lover, he finds himself bound hand and foot and thrown into the sea. The book then brings us to the future where “Kat” Jonsdottir is visiting with her “Amma” or grandmother in a nursing home and learning of her family’s past.
Kat is a young 20 year old woman who has been on her own for the last 5 years since her grandmother was put in a nursing home due to Alzheimer’s disease. Kat has been surviving by her wit and inner strength, unable to finish high school, she’s been working 2-3 dead end jobs just to get by and visiting her “Amma”, Kat longs for a different life but makes the best of what she has. When she rescues a man on the seashore that is clearly not from our modern times she realizes the tales that her “Amma” has been telling her are real. Kat is attracted to Leif from first sight but she fears what will be required of her to make amends for her ancestors- she also doesn’t understand how she is to make amends now. Fortunately her “Amma” manages to provide Kat with a key to a safety deposit box that holds both a book of runes and a secret compartment with a pendant that is a crucial element.
Leif is a man used to getting his way and having his orders obeyed on pain of death; his size, physical strength and family position have made him a leader to be feared. He’s never thought about his society or the position of the people under his control and protection. When Katla Rollodottir betrays him and he is cast into the future he encounters a society he is unprepared for. At first he is confused and unfamiliar with the customs of this society- the strangest part being that he understands the language being spoken and can speak it himself. He soon begins to like the modern conveniences that he encounters and begins to realize that the “Kat” of modern times is nothing like her treacherous ancestor. Leif realizes that he will have to go back to save his family and is surprised to realize that he will regret leaving this time because he loves Kat and knows that she is his soul mate.
Fate takes the question of traveling back to Leif’s time out of both Kat and Leif’s control and they find themselves having to maneuver through treacherous situations in order to survive and this time it is Kat is the one surprised to discover that she understands and can speak the language of this time. The conclusion of this story is adequate for the story. I would have liked a slightly longer conclusion and there were some issues that I would have liked some answers to but overall this was a very interesting story and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Book Blurb for Under a Viking Moon

Bound hand and foot by his enemies and cast into the sea, Leif Nabboddrson, a mighty Jarl of Kopi SmykkerArhus, is washed up on the shores of a new land in a new century, rescued by a woman who is the very image of the treacherous bride he left behind.

His arrival turns the life of Katla ‘Kat’ Jonsdottir, a young woman of Nordic heritage, upside down. Together, they tumble through time, taking with them not only a powerful attraction, but a legend of love, trust and betrayal.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.75