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Unbound is an entertaining and highly erotic space fantasy set in a universe totally created by the author, Kay Danella. The story begins with the heroine, Asrial, preparing to land her space ship, known as the Castel, on the planet Maj. Asrial is a relic hunter by trade but a sovereign or princess by birth whose family had been forced to abdicate; she has no current political ties and enjoys finding treasures to sell to help support the little bit of family she has left. While on Maj, she finds a room that appears to have been hidden and not previously searched. Feeling excited about her discovery she locates quite a few items that buyers would be interested in and then finds what she considers the best treasure of all, a unique and unusual vase. Asrial has never seen another vase like this before on her previous trips to Maj and has great plans for what she will do with the funds from the sale of the vase. Asrial takes her treasures back to her space ship and sets course for her cousin Amin’s home.

Romir Gadaña has been a dijinn trapped inside a Mughel vase for centuries. He’s an interesting hero because he’s ashamed of what he is; he had not been born a dijinn but had been forced into becoming one by the enemies of his planet, the Mugheli. Romir has an interesting natural gift of weaving power, which made him attractive to his enemies. As a dijinn, he can materialize in and out of rooms and has some other usual powers. He’s also ashamed of being alive as he knows that everyone he knew is gone and he thinks that he somehow had something to do with their death. Finding himself summoned out of his vase by Asrial, he is first shocked by his freedom, even if it is only temporary, and then surprised by the events that have taken place in the apparent centuries since he’s been summoned.

The physical attraction between Asrial and Romir is immediate and scorching hot. Asrial is appalled by Romir’s imprisonment and when they realize that his freedom is only temporary and dependent on their physical connection, she becomes determined to discover a way to free him permanently. Researching some of the inscriptions on the jar lead her to realize that she will have to visit her home planet of Lomida, which makes her extremely uncomfortable due to her family’s background and situation. Asrial’s father, Jamyl Kharym Rashad of the House Dilaryn, had been the ruler on Lomida and forced to abdicate. Asrial has only visited her home planet once since her parents’ death and had to do it stealthily due to the fact that the ruling house, House Bintanan, had made it clear that they would not welcome them on the planet.

The author did a fair job with the supporting characters in the story, especially Asrial’s cousin Amin and his family. The antagonists in the story were not as well developed as I would have liked and their plans and motivation where at times confusing. I did like the story overall but I would have liked for the author to have explained more about the world building that took place and perhaps to develop the background more. I think the story would have been helped with a prologue that explained some of the past events that led to both Romir’s and Asrial’s separate situations, which turned out to be somewhat tied together in an interesting twist. The ending was okay for the story and resolved the loose story threads but again there were some things that I felt could have used more explanation. I do look forward to seeing where Ms. Danella is taking us in her next novel, as she does have a talent for stories with original world building.

Book Blurb for Unbound

The author of Flame Seeker lets loose in a new novel of erotic romance.

A relic hunter, Asrial stumbles across a rare vase, only to discover that it holds something more precious inside-a djinn named Romir. Aboard Asrial's ship, Romir finds unexpected freedom and unexpected passion in Asrial's bed. But when the vase beckons him back, Asrial must find a way to release him completely, even if it means returning to the dangers of her home world...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.75