Trouble for Three

The central character of this story is Anneke. She has just broken up with her last boyfriend who she dumped because she caught him in a ménage (m/m/f) and also because he didn’t sexually satisfy her as a lover. She is a very sexual in nature and has nothing against a ménage; however, she wants the traditional ménage setup (m/f/m) where she is the center of attention. She decides to have a girl’s night with her two best girlfriends in which they eat, drink and watch bad porn for laughs. It is during this girl’s night that her two friends decide to take her out on the town and they go to a pool bar to have fun and see if they can pick up any men.
While in this bar Anneke meets Troy and Bill, two modern day cowboys who are highly attracted to her. They play a couple of games of pool and flirt pretty heavily; however, Anneke has a business meeting that she can’t be late for the next day. She also can’t be suffering from a hang-over during her presentation. Troy gives Anneke his business card and tells her to call him if she is interested. 
Anneke is very interested in the two men and also is wondering if they would be willing to share her attention and have a ménage so after her meeting she gives the men a call. Turns out that Troy and Bill have shared a woman before and they agree to meet again and see what progresses. Things heat up from there and the story becomes pretty hot. 
I liked the story but wish that the author had spent just a little more time developing the characters of Troy and Bill, as we are told very little about them. I would also have liked just a little more emotional depth between the 3 characters. All in all it was a very fast read and very hot.

Book Blurb for Trouble for Three

Contemporary/Ménage à Trois



One hot woman, two incredibly handsome gentlemen, how can this get any better? 
Fed up with stupid men who can't decide what they want, Anneke leaves work one afternoon and ends up going out with a few girlfriends only to spy two cute guys watching them. Specifically, they're both paying attention to her. 
Wondering what it would be like to have them both to herself, Anneke arranges to meet the guys sans her girlfriends just so she can get into a little trouble on her own! 
Reader Advisory: This story was released as part of the Caught in the Middle Anthology by Total-E-Bound. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.25