To Seduce an Angel

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To Seduce an Angel

Having just legally been named the Marquess of Daventry, Kit Jones still has a fight on his hands with his vengeful grandfather, the Duke of Wenlock. The youngest of the Jones brothers, Kit wants his family free from the old duke's interference in their lives and is determined to get the upper hand. While he makes his plan to put an end to his grandfather's schemes, he continues his work with the "lost boys", who were a part of his crew during the years he was in hiding. While he questions her references, Kit can't help hiring the beautiful Emma Portland to tutor the boys. But is Emma really who she says she is?

Emma Portland has found herself in an untenable situation. Given no choice by the duke and his dastardly nephew, Aubrey, Emma finds herself forced to apply for the position of tutor to the Marquess of Daventry's young wards. But Emma's true identity and reasons for going along with the old duke's plans may prove more dangerous than the old duke himself.

Will the attraction and feelings Kit and Emma feel for each other help them find a way to defeat the duke once and for all? Or will it spell their mutual doom?

To Seduce An Angel is the highly anticipated third and final book in the Sinner's trilogy by Kate Moore. Having read the previous two books in the series, I was really looking forward to reading Kit's book and overall I was not disappointed. The characters are fairly well developed, the dialogue is sharp and many of the questions I had regarding Kit are answered. I loved getting to know the heroine of this story, Emma, whose secrets were intriguing and all, had to do with her real identity and who she was protecting. I also enjoyed meeting a member of Kit's family, Charlotte, the Duchess of Wenlock, who I don't remember meeting in the previous books in the trilogy.

The scenes between Kit and Emma are enjoyable; they have great chemistry and while both are very young, both are under the age of 22, they have both had some very nasty experiences in their lives. But these experiences have helped shape the adults they have become. While Emma is being forced to spy on Kit against her wishes, it's her determination to do no harm which made me like her. Even though Kit had issues trusting her at first, and who wouldn't when your own grandfather had had you kidnapped, tortured and then fought you in court over your inheritance, he does eventually warm to Emma and give into his attraction.

I felt the secondary characters were developed just enough for the story and I really enjoyed getting to know Charlotte, the Duchess of Wenlock, who turned out to be Emma's protector and who disagreed with her husband in regards to their grandson, Kit. She saw him as what he was, the last chance she had to have a connection to her deceased son. We also got a deeper introduction into the young men who make up Kit's band of "lost boys" and they were quite fun. Both the Duke and his nephew Aubrey were also well developed and while I enjoyed what happened to them at the end, Ms. Moore was more generous than I would have been when dealing out justice.

The end of the story is full of action as Kit and Emma must both fight for their lives. I especially enjoyed the little part the Duchess played. And while Kit and Emma's future is bright at the end, I'm hoping Ms. Moore visits these characters again, perhaps in additional stories with the "lost boys" as they become men. While it's possible to enjoy this story without reading the previous books in the trilogy, I do recommend reading them in order so that you can understand the Jones family and their experiences. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Moore's work.

Book Blurb for To Seduce an Angel

The youngest of the Jones brothers, Kit, has just been made the Marquess of Daventry-heir to his vengeful grandfather, the Duke of Wenlocke. Kit wants to free his family from the old duke, and he hires the beautiful Emma Portland to tutor his young wards while he makes his plans. But Emma's true identity may be even more dangerous to Kit than his dastardly uncle. And the feelings they begin to have for one another may spell their mutual doom.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00