To Save the Devil

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To Save the Devil

Sons of Sin trilogy, Book 2

This is the second story in the Sons of Sin trilogy by Ms. Moore following her story, To Tempt A Saint. I have not read the first story; however, I was able to read this story without difficulty. The third book will be out next year and is currently titled, To Seduce An Angel.

William Jones is a former spy and bow Street Runner in 1820s London. While trying to locate his missing younger brother, Kit, he is informed of an auction being held at a brothel owned by a man who he suspects of contributing to his brothers disappearance. He decides to attend the auction pretending to be a French nobleman and rescue the young virgin being auctioned off. Will is a man of strong convictions and ideas whose experience in the army has shown him the worst mankind has to offer. He’s faithful to his family and is determined to save his younger brother but he has a temper which can sometimes lead to rash decisions. He rather envisions himself as a devil of sorts due to his birth status (bastard) and work choices. Will does rescue the young virgin, Helen, who then refuses to go home until she can resolve the issue that sent her to the brothel.

Helen is a young woman brought up in society. She is devoted to her mother and it is to help her mother that Helen went to the brothel; she intended to get a job as a maid and instead was drugged and being sold. Her mother is being blackmailed over some documents and Helen had tracked the blackmailer to the brothel’s address. Helen is determined to obtain the documents regardless of what she has to do. She does not want her father or anyone else to discover her mother’s error in judgment. Helen soon realizes that she and Will share an enemy and is determined to enlist him in her endeavors. She finds herself attracted to Will; however, she is determined to ignore the attraction.

The interaction between Will and Helen is well written, the verbal sparring between the characters is amusing and increases the sexual tension between Will and Helen. The romance between Will and Helen starts out slow but heats up throughout the book. Will is determined to discover why Helen was at the brothel, while Helen is determined to keep her mother’s secret. Will is accustomed to dealing with the genteel women of his generation and is not prepared for Helen’s sense of adventure and daring, which are ahead of her time.

The secondary characters have pivotal roles, in particular Will’s family members. Will’s older brother Alexander and his wife Chloe, introduced in the first book, are determined to find Kit. Meanwhile, Kit Jones hides from his family in order to discover who was behind his kidnapping and the attempts to hurt his family. There are two villains in this story and while they have different goals their actions do intersect and temporarily assist each other.

The resolution of both Will and Helen’s problems is filled with plenty of action, some gunshots and a carriage chase. The ending of the book was well done and provides clues as to the subject of the third book. Without providing spoilers, I will state that the romance between Will and Helen is at a happy place at the end of the book. I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading more of Ms. Moore’s work.  

Book Blurb for To Save the Devil

Ex-spy and former Bow Street Runner Will Jones rescues a beautiful, unsullied virgin from a London brothel, but she is no swooning maiden. Instead, he faces a woman of wit who resists his aid, escapes his protection...and captures his imagination.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00