The Witching Sea

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The Witching Sea

No one knows the secrets held in the sea….

Mae Bennett has had nightmares of horrible sea monsters since she and her mother fled the coast when she was 14. When her boss requires her to accompany him to a Welsh village to investigate bad fish that their company has received, Mae has the premonition that her nightmares will be coming true. Her fears are strengthened when the hotel’s manager, Aled, resembles the man in her dreams.

Aled roams the coastal lands like a shark patrols the seas and he soon realizes that Mae apparently knows something about his secret Finfolk blood. Can Aled persuade Mae of her unknown and untried supernatural powers in time to save the world? With each crashing wave that hits the beach a dark god of the sea threatens to destroy mankind – just as the undeniable physical attraction threatens to consume Mae and Aled.

L.D. Keach has written an unusual and original paranormal tale in The Witching Sea. I found myself totally engrossed in the action taking place between the pages and fascinated with the world that the author built. This is definitely not your average sea tale.

Mae Bennett is a woman with a plan; she works for a major restaurant import company but wants to open up her café. Her obstacle is a lack of funding, she needs culinary training since her degree in hotel and restaurant management isn’t enough to get her the investors she needs. When her boss approaches her for an “off the books” project and offers her 70 percent of the money she needs for her schooling, she jumps at the chance, then she finds out that she will have to go to a Welsh fishing village and almost backs out due to her fear of the sea. Mae’s fear is a subplot throughout most of this story, her fear of the sea got in the way of attending her beloved grandfather’s funeral, her fear of not being “normal” gets in the way of accepting her paranormal powers, her fear of “sea monsters” almost gets in the way of finding her true love.

Aled is the hero of this story, he’s attracted to Mae from when they first meet, part of the attraction is tied to what they both are- Mae’s paranormal ancestry give her power over all of the Finfolk but the other part is that Aled can see Mae’s goodness and her humanity. Aled’s weakness is that he’s somewhat ashamed of what he is – he doesn’t understand how anyone could be attracted to him and at one point even feels that his attraction to Mae is wrong because he doesn’t deserve someone with her powers. As the story progresses we get to see Aled come to some peace with what he is, although he never completely lets go of feeling uncomfortable among the fully human. Aled’s strength is his determination to save the world from the dark sea god, he’ll only stop fighting when he’s dead and he’s determined to help Mae vanquish this ancient foe.

The romance between Aled and Mae moves at a very fast pace and I wish that it had progressed somewhat slower. However, it is understandable due to all of the action that needs to take place in order for the main plot line to be resolved. The conclusion of this story is very satisfactory but is left somewhat open, leading me to believe that it is possible Ms. Keach plans to visit this area again in another story. Overall this is a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

Book Blurb for The Witching Sea

The sea holds a secret in its depths...

Mae Bennett is haunted by nightmares of the sea and memories of its watery darkness. When her employer sends her to a nearly abandoned, storm-battered Welsh village, her senses scream against reason that her nightmares are about to come true. Even Aled, her motel's sinister yet sexy proprietor, brings to mind danger.

And the spirit of a monster she may love.

Half-man and half-predator, Aled prowls the coastal land as easily as a shark prowls the waters. The secret of his Finfolk lineage is one Mae seems to naturally know. But can Aled convince her of her own untapped supernatural powers in time? With the crashing of each wave, the rise of dark sea god threatens to devour mankind - just as surely as a dangerous desire threatens to devour Mae and Aled.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00