The Virgin Pirate

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The Virgin Pirate

Book One in the Pirate's Booty Series

Nellie Bouchard was born to the pirate lifestyle, her father raised her to be the captain of her own ship, The Merry Virgin. She longs for a life away from the violence and danger in her life but knows that she has limited options due to the price on her head. Her ship has just captured The Duchess of Dover, a British ship captained by Lord Trey Carlyle, a man whose masculinity and raw sexuality attract Nellie like no other. She plans to have him teach her about the secrets between men and women.
Lord Trey Carlton is infuriated at having his ship captured by pirates. He reluctantly surrenders in order to save his men but has plans to mutiny on the pirate ship, seize it and take the pirates to England where they would face trial and hanging. His plans don’t include falling in love with the pirate’s captain. Trey soon finds himself teaching “his pirate” about the seduction between a man and a woman and learning about love. Both Nellie and Trey realize that their future could be either separation or death since he’s her captive and she has a price on her head.
This is the first book in a new series by Temple Hogan; the story reminded me of the great swashbuckler films that I watched as a child. The heroine was high-spirited, resourceful and liberated. The hero was brave, intelligent and virile. The plot had plenty of action and kept me engaged. The dialogue between the characters was raw, seductive and even had humorous moments. The scenes between Nellie and Trey were very well done and I could envision their appearance from the author’s description. The scenery in Port Royal was accurately described and I could tell that the author had done her research on this period in history.
The secondary characters were well written and made good contributions to the story; I especially enjoyed “Skelly”, Nellie’s guardian and first mate. The pirates were colorful, dangerous and treacherous when necessary. The level of violence in the story was not overwhelming or overly descriptive which was good for the story. The seduction scenes between Nellie and Trey were sexy and hot. The ending was perfect for the story and concluded this particular storyline. I really enjoyed reading this book by Ms. Hogan and look forward to reading the next book in this series.

Book Blurb for The Virgin Pirate

CATEGORY: Historical Erotic Romance.

ELEMENTS: Historical Erotic Romance featuring Mature Language, Strong Sexual Content, Adult Situations and Mild Violence


LENGTH: Novella

Born to a life of piracy, Nellie Bouchard knows no other life, but she longs to find a world beyond the ruthless violence and danger. Her wish is fulfilled when she captures Lord Trey Carlyle. Mesmerized by his masculinity and raw sexuality, she insists he teach her the secrets between a man and woman. Long tropical nights and sun-drenched days aboard her ship allow him to show her every aspect of sexual encounters while she teaches him about love. But he?s her captive and she?s a pirate with a price on her head. Their future might mean separation?or death.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.00