The Reunion Game

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The Reunion Game

The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 1

When she was in high school, Jane Smith was the shy girl who never acted on what she wanted. Now fifteen years later, she’s older and wiser and no longer afraid but pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee. At least until the high school reunion gives her a second chance at Graham Winchester, the boy who got away.

Graham Winchester moved to the big city and is a confirmed bachelor. His plans don’t include staying around Legend after the reunion is done. He doesn’t know he’s the “star” of Jane’s plans to get on with her life.

Trading places with her movie star twin is just what Jane needs to get Mr. Most Likely to Succeed into her bed and out of her heart.

The Reunion by Jan Scarbrough is a fun, lighthearted romance about the shy girl who grows up and wants a second chance with the boy who got away. While the setting is Legend, Tennessee, the small town that’s almost a character in the Ladies of Legend series, this story really could take place anywhere and everyone probably knows someone like the two main characters.

Jane Smith is a great character; she’s still young, she’s smart and she’s successful on her own terms. While her twin sister, Dawn, focused on her looks and on becoming a “star”, Jane focused on school, the year book and her family and friends. It’s only when the boy she loves, Graham Winchester, falls for Dawn that Jane wishes she was something she’s not. When fate and a teenage breakup give her graduation night with Graham, it’s a night she’ll never forget. Going their separate ways, Jane’s life takes her to college and then back home to Legend, Tennessee while Graham went to New York and Dawn went to Hollywood.

Graham Winchester is an interesting character; he’s in the prime of adult manhood and in a funk. He’s been successful as an attorney, though he’s no longer happy or interested in that career. He’s become a successful published author, only to be struck with writer’s block on his second novel, with his publisher wanting progress. Even his social life no longer fulfills him. Dating beautiful women and going to night clubs leave him feeling adrift. Basically, Graham is dissatisfied with his life and is lost without direction. When his high school reunions takes him back to Legend, he only plans to visit for that and then return to the big city, re-assess his life and make whatever changes are needed.

The scenes between Jane and Graham are highly entertaining. Especially when Jane decides to “switch” places with her twin Dawn, who has also come back for the reunion, and make a play for Graham. Jane’s plans only include getting Graham back in bed, no emotional strings attached, so that she can in essence “wash him out of her head”. Neither Jane nor Graham wants to admit what their hearts know, that they have been in love since before they went their separate ways. Even though Dawn and Jane are twins and look incredibly alike, Graham has always been able to tell the difference between the girls. He knows right away that they’ve switched places; he just doesn’t know why Jane is pretending to be who she’s not. Ms. Scarbrough did an excellent job with the comedic elements and with how she paced the growing romance between Jane and Graham.

The secondary characters were also entertaining, from Dawn, Jane’s twice divorced movie star twin, to Cliff, the football hero turned car dealership owner, who’s got a thing for Dawn. There was even a somewhat antagonistic character, Steven, who added an extra layer to the reunion itself. The ending was perfect for this story and left Jane and Graham with a good outlook for the future. I look forward to reading the next story in the Ladies of Legend series.

Book Blurb for The Reunion Game

Thirty-something twin Jane Smith's biological clock is ticking. But pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee, a small town that will remind readers of Cedar Cove and/or Virgin River. The high school reunion gives Jane a second chance, because Graham Winchester will be back in town.

Once shy, Jane is now older, wiser and no longer afraid. Graham is a confirmed bachelor and happily-ever-after is not in his makeup. He won’t stick around after the reunion. Jane has one more chance to exorcise the demon of Graham and get on with her life.

Switching places with her glamorous twin sister is just what she needs to get Mr. Most Likely to Succeed into bed and out of her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50