The Detective's Lover

When Ian Cavanaugh is assigned a homicide case he doesn't realize solving it will be harder than it first appears. The victim is the father of a group of foster kids with a reputation. Kids he knew growing up. He knows it's in everyone's best interest to solve the case fast.

Ian's priorities change as he is reunited with Fallon Maddox, the only daughter in the family. Fallon's changed; she's a beautiful no-nonsense marine who didn't realize coming home to bury her father would be the start of an adventure she may not survive. As Fallon is reunited with her family and begins her own investigation, Ian discovers the passion that lies beneath. As Ian and Fallon investigate her father's death it becomes clear Ian may have to choose between love and his brotherhood in blue.

Will Ian and Fallon be able to trust each other long enough to find out if they're destined for eternal bliss or eternal rest?

The Detective's Lover by Aliyah Burke is a fast paced, action packed interracial romance taking place in the middle of a murder mystery. The main characters are well developed and their romance is hot. They were in essence made for each other, though they didn't know it at the beginning of the story. The murder mystery took several twists and turns which proved to be interesting and kept the story moving at a very good pace.

Fallon Maddox is a great character; she's an Alpha female who's used to being in charge. She's young, smart and incredibly fit. She knows several different forms of martial arts and is devoted to her family, though she hasn't been home in years. When her father is killed, Fallon feels an incredible amount of guilt for not having come back more often and is determined the guilty party will be punished. She wants answers and she'll do whatever it takes, even calling in favors from government officials to find out who killed him and why. Fallon isn't looking for love and doesn't really want to acknowledge it when it happens. She's learned to keep her emotions under control and separate. Luckily for her, Ian Cavanaugh isn't willing to settle for a series of one night stands.

Ian Cavanaugh is a fantastic character, he's physically fit, strong and very good at his job. When he realizes his homicide victim is Gregory Maddox, he knows he needs to move fast to solve his case. Ian grew up in the area and knows several of the Maddox boys; he was actually best friends with one before their lives took different paths. He knows the four Maddox men will turn the streets of Seattle into a war zone if they aren't satisfied with his results. When Fallon comes into his precinct and he encounters opposition from his chain of command about releasing information, he realizes the simple homicide case has just become more complicated. His brothers in blue seem to have a different agenda and he begins to question who he can trust.

The scenes between Fallon and Ian are highly entertaining; their physical attraction is incredibly powerful and they both realize if they are going to concentrate on their case, they have to "resolve" their attraction. They both think a one night stand will do the trick. As they work the case, Ian realizes his attraction has become much more and really turns up the heat in his pursuit of more with Fallon. He's even willing to work at getting along with her brothers to get Fallon to acknowledge she feels the same. I really liked what Ms. Burke did with these two characters and their relationship, their romance was both spicy and sweet.

The secondary characters in the story were entertaining, especially Ma and Da, Ian's quarrelsome parents who are used to using their son as a buffer. They provided quite a bit of humor in the story. Fallon's brothers Clay, Shawn, Hershel and Dylan were also well developed and provided some background on the woman Fallon has become. There is more than one villain in this story and while one of them was fairly easy to guess because of his forthright behavior, I was surprised by some of others. I was completely caught off guard about their reason for wanting Gregory Maddox dead. It was an interesting twist in the story.

The story concludes with a stakeout that turns into much more. While both Fallon and Ian survive the events, not everyone else does and I was somewhat saddened by one of the deaths. I was very pleased with where Ms. Burke left Fallon and Ian and their relationship and look forward to reading more of her work.

Book Blurb for The Detective's Lover

A beautiful no-nonsense marine, one by-the-book ruggedly handsome homicide detective, and the case that may well give them eternal bliss or eternal rest, can they trust in each other long enough to find out which it will be?

Fallon Maddox is reunited with her family the day they bury her father. She has no idea that coming home will be the beginning of an adventure she may not survive and even if she does, her life will never be the same.

Ian Cavanaugh is a homicide detective who is wrapped up in a case that may not be as simple as it first appears. The deceased is the father of a group of foster children who had made quite a reputation for themselves when he was growing up. He knew it was in his best interest to get the case solved ... and fast.

His priorities begin to waver as he is reunited with the only daughter in the family. Her never-wavering calm makes him want to shatter it and expose the passion he knows lies beneath it. No matter how hot blooded their unions are, it was becoming clear that he may have to choose between love and his brotherhood in blue, for their families seemed to always be at increasing odds.

Will he have time to make the decision or will it be made for him? 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.50