Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord

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Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord

Love by the Numbers #2

No one was more surprised than Nicholas St. John when he was named “London’s Lord to Land” by Pearls and Pelisses, a popular woman’s magazine. Unfortunately every unattached female in society now pursues him with marriage in mind; he can’t even escape to his club without being pursued there. When an acquaintance needs someone to track down his missing sister, Nicholas jumps at the chance to get out of town and have an adventure. Little did he know that his search would lead him to the most wonderful and yet aggravating woman he has ever met.
Lady Isabel Townsend has many secrets and very little money thanks to her spendthrift father. Though used to being the responsible one in her family, her father’s sudden death has left her in dire need of assistance in order to protect her young brother’s estate. Lord Nicholas could be the answer to all of her problems.
But the lady must be guarded and not do anything careless or silly ….like falling in love.
Sarah Maclean has created a captivating regency romance with a witty heroine and a dashing hero; I became completely engrossed in the characters and couldn’t put the book down. The dialogue between the characters is smart and funny, especially Isabel and Nicholas’ verbal sparring which is both lively and engaging. The romance is sexy and surprisingly hot for the time period.
Isabel is a woman before her time and it’s easy to see why Nicholas is drawn to her. Isabel is smart, courageous and adventurous – she has no problem undertaking tasks usually done by men such as attempting to repair a leaking roof and wearing men’s breeches. She’s liberated and outspoken and doesn’t consider herself less than any man regardless of their station in life. Yet, Isabel has a flaw and that is her fear of falling in love- she’d seen the damage that marriage did in her mother’s life and in the lives of other women whom she’s been helping. She’s given up on her childhood dreams of love and marriage and her plans have no room for Nicholas and his prying questions, but she can’t escape her attraction to him.
Nicholas had gotten used to a life of adventure and has been somewhat bored as of late. He’s been trained in espionage and tracking and senses that Isabel has many secrets. His physical attraction to her is immediate and something that he understands, he wasn’t prepared to be attracted to her mind and her wit. Nicholas has fears too, he’s afraid to fall in love and have that love consume and destroy him. He’s been betrayed by a woman in the past, which almost lead to his death, and he’s determined not to betrayed by a woman again.
The interaction between Isabel and Nicholas is very well written. Both characters have secrets and have a lot of inner strength, yet their attraction can’t be denied and they find themselves unwilling to fight it. The secondary characters are well written and make great contributions to the story. I especially liked Lara, Isabel’s cousin, and “Rock”, Nicholas best friend, who have a romance of their own. The conclusion of the story is entertaining and resolves the issues of this particular story. I look forward to reading the next novel by Ms. MacLean.

Book Blurb for Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord

Since being named "London's Lord to Land" by a popular ladies' magazine, Nicholas St. John has been relentlessly pursued by every matrimony-minded female in the ton. So when an opportunity to escape fashionable society presents itself, he eagerly jumps-only to land in the path of the most determined, damnably delicious woman he's ever met!

The daughter of a titled wastrel, Lady Isabel Townsend has too many secrets and too little money. Though used to taking care of herself quite handily, her father's recent passing has left Isabel at sea and in need of outside help to protect her young brother's birthright. The sinfully handsome, eminently eligible Lord Nicholas could be the very salvation she seeks.

But the lady must be wary and not do anything reckless and foolish...like falling madly, passionately in love.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50