Tease Me in Tunisia

Book 1 in the Erotic Escapes series.

This is a fun and light novella in a new series from the Ellora’s Cave Quickie line. The story was easily read in about an hour, it’s a perfect summer afternoon escape. The location was exotic and the characters were engaging and entertaining.
Daisy Oliver runs a small florist shop and has never had an adventure in her life. She sees herself as being “plump” and average looking, nothing to inspire an interesting man into an affair. She’s not a virgin but she hasn’t had a lot of sex and certainly none recently. She‘s shy and somewhat scared of being rejected by others, she considers herself capable of only being able to get the occasional blind date with someone’s accountant. She has become friends with the three older ladies that have the travel business next door to her flower shop and they approach her with a proposition. The three sisters ask Daisy to take an all expense paid trip to Tunisia and give them feedback on her experience; they claim it’s for their travel service. At first Daisy is reluctant to give into their request but they refuse to let her say no and then next thing she knows she is on a plane and halfway around the world.
Rami Gadi is in Tunisia on business, he too knows the three ladies who run the 501 Travel Service and they have requested that he meet Daisy and become her tour guide. He doesn’t know why they want him to do this but he doesn’t want to disappoint them so he agrees. The first time that he spots Daisy getting out of her cab, he is drawn to her physically and by scent. He thinks that Daisy smells like ripe plumbs and proceeds to introduce himself at the first opportunity. Rami has a huge secret and it’s this secret which is also drawn to Daisy, he decides that he must have her for his partner in life.
When Daisy meets Rami, he reminds her of the “fantasy lover” that she has been dreaming about both day and night. She invites him into her room to speak about the ladies request and things proceed to heat up from there. The spicier elements of the story are well done and there are some comedic moments that take place in the later part of the story. Since I don’t want to give away spoilers I will say that the ending is more than adequate for the story's length. The characters are well written and the dialogue is sharp. I look forward to reading more books in this novella series.

Book Blurb for Tease Me in Tunisia

Daisy Oliver’s never taken a chance in her life. The drab gray of her world changes in a heartbeat, however, when the older women who own 501 Travel Agency ask her to take a trip.

Rami Gadi loves the ladies of 501, but babysitting their friend pushes the boundaries. Until he catches his first scent of her—and loses his head and heart. He understands there are things Daisy should know about him, but can he risk scaring her away?

Two people, one determined to fight destiny and the other eager to embrace it. Love is the only thing capable of bringing them together. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00