Talk Dirty to Me

Miniseries: Dirty Laundry

This is a fast and fun novella to read, the romance is sweet and the sex is scorching hot. The dialogue between the characters is romantic and smart. The plot moves at a good pace and the characters are well written. This is easily read in a few hours.
Nora MacGregor is an interesting heroine, she’s educated, independent and beautiful; yet she’s never been able to really connect with people.  She’s working in the biology department of her home town college while she works on her dissertation for her doctorate.  Part of her job duties include washing the laboratory coats used in the department so two days a week she visits on on-campus laundry.  It’s an old laundry room with only two washers and dryers but it’s private and no one else uses it so she is able to work on her research and notes while she does the laundry.
Dr. Jarod Reed is a fantastic hero, he’s smart, a good conversationalist and understands poetry and romantic fiction.  He’s new to the faculty and has been watching Nora walk on campus for several weeks and is attracted to her.  He seizes an opportunity to introduce himself and then asks her to have coffee.  Fate intervenes and he ends up with one of Nora’s books, a notebook and a cassette tape which he takes home, planning to give them to her later.  He soon realizes that he has part of her research for her dissertation titled “The Vagina Myth-The Modern Educated Woman and Sex: A Biological Study of Female Sexuality”.  Jarod is intrigued by her research and conclusions, though he doesn’t agree with all of them and realizes that she had also scribbled her private fantasy in the notebook.  He decides to call her and when she answers he realizes that she doesn’t know who is calling and so he becomes “James” and starts to discuss her “dirty” mind with her.  “James” informs Nora that he will give her back her things if she answers his questions with a set number of pages being returned per question.  Nora reluctantly agrees.
The interaction between Nora and Jarod/James is beautifully written and choreographed by the authors.  While Jarod romances Nora’s mind and heart, James pursues her fantasies and desires.  Jarod used poetry and literature while James uses lust and heat and soon Nora is smitten with both men not realizing that they are the same man.  Jarod finds himself in a difficult situation where he fears confessing that he is both men because he doesn’t want to lose what he has with Nora.  Meanwhile, Nora is torn between the two men and confused because in her dreams James is Jarod and Jarod is James.
The conclusion to the story is fantastic and full of love, optimism and hope.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the Dirty Laundry series from Carina Press and I’m very impressed with the collaborative efforts of the authors, Inez Kelley and Ginny Glass.  Kudos ladies!

Book Blurb for Talk Dirty to Me

"Tell me what you want. Talk dirty to me."

Biologist Nora MacGregor is frantic when she loses her dissertation notes on female sexuality—and some very personal fantasies. Then a sinful stranger calls with a wicked proposition: if she talks dirty to him, he'll return her notes, page by page. "James" allows Nora to explore her deepest desires and challenges her clinical ideas about sex. But James can't give her the loving touches she finds in her budding relationship with Dr. Jarod Reed.

Jarod seized an opportune moment to fulfill his desire for Nora by becoming the mysterious James. While the anonymous, erotic phone sessions are unforgettable, Jarod longs to tell Nora he wants more than just talk. But how can he confess his deception without it costing him the chance to make their fantasies a reality?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00